Beard Brush, Beard Comb, or Both?!

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Fellas, have you been using cheap, ordinary plastic combs or brushes on your beard? Well, what if I told you that you are doing your beard a huge injustice and potentially harming your facial hair. "No way Pete!!  You're a complete IDIOT!".  Yes way.

Beards don't grow overnight and you must have faced some hurdles on your growing journey that included itching, scratching, and a lot of annoyance, but fight and patience always pays off. Now that you have a beard, it is time to take care of it properly and improve it. Still thinking your ordinary plastic hair comb will get the job done?  Think again my friends.

Maintaining your beard can be considered an art of sorts and you must be educated to take proper care of it. Not an artist? Not a big deal brother, we got you covered with everything you'll need to become one.  If you have not used beard specific brushes and combs to maintain your beard, you are missing some of the key beard tools needed to maintain a happy and healthy lions mane.

First, let's talk about the benefits of using a comb or a brush to groom your beard.

Natural Wood Beard Comb

Benefits of Beard Combs and Brushes

Keeping it Clean:
A clean beard is a great beard. It’s not just about washing your beard to keep it clean and healthy, but combing and/or brushing is also a necessary step. Combing your beard regularly ensures that none of the food particles get trapped in it.  Having food, drinks, dirt, or whatever else might be in your beard is pretty gross.  Giving it a nice brush here and there throughout the day will help keep it clean and looking solid.

You may not know this, but beard brushes and combs actually help moisturize your beard because they distribute the beard oil and beard butter (if you already use them) evenly throughout your beard and skin under it. It is an unwritten law in the beard world to always comb your beard after you apply any sort of beard products to it. 

Faster Beard Growth:
It is well known that massaging any part of the body increases blood circulation to the area being massaged. And likewise, combing and brushing your face and facial hair is comparable to massaging your face which can improve beard growth.  Take a nice shower, wash the ol' beard, rub some beard oil into your skin, and treat yourself to a nice comb session.  Your beard will thank you for it!

Prevent Ingrown Hairs:
Ingrown hairs are those annoying little bastards which curl back into the skin and starts growing there, causing very annoying and painful blemishes. Combing your beard with a good quality wooden beard comb or brush will let help grow in the right direction and help prevent ingrown hairs overall.

Less Dryness, Itchiness, Hair breakage, and Beardruff:
Those of you who have grown a beard for the first time must have passed through this annoying stage where dryness and itchiness of the beard becomes a nightmare for you. We have all been there!  Along with that, beardruff(dandruff) and hair breakage are also problems. Using a boar hair beard brush helps prevent all the mentioned problems naturally as it collects human sebaceous oils from your pores and helps distribute them equally throughout the follicles which reduces hair breakage, dryness, and itchiness!  BOOM!

Stylin' and Profilin':
Having a beard is not just about growing one. If you want it to look respectable, you have to comb it regularly and train it in the right direction to keep the ladies digging it.  Having a nice beard comb and beard brush is an absolute must to tame the fly away hairs and keep your beard looking on point.

So those were just some of the top major benefits of combing your facial hair with a high quality beard comb or beard brush. There are certainly much more, but you get the point.  These tools are a must if you want to maintain a nice looking beard.

Wondering how many types of beard combs and brushes there are? Which ones should you use? Don’t worry, you’ll get every single piece of information about beard combs and brushes next.  Let's get into it!

Boars Hair Beard Brush

Types of Beard Combs and Brushes:

Wood Comb:

If you don’t want to compromise on your beard’s health, always go for a wooden beard comb. The wooden combs are crafted so their edges and teeth are smooth and soft which does not damage your beard hair. Plus, wooden combs reduce dandruff and help accelerate hair growth which none of the other types of combs are good for.  Another great advantage of a wooden comb is over time, the oils from beard oil and beard butter will absorb into the wood making it glide right through that manly beard of yours. They are also anti-static!

Metal Comb:

We typically do not recommend metal combs, as they do not have smooth edges and they may damage your beard hair and follicles. I repeat, we do not recommend metal combs for your beard.

Plastic Comb:

Plastic combs are the cheapest combs you will typically find and often are the worst combs for your beard. Most of the plastic combs are made of celluloid or synthetic plastics and they can also harm your skin. They can produce static electricity which can leave your facial hair looking awkward, and also may cause split ends. So, with all that being said, we don't recommend cheap plastic combs.

Horn Comb:

Horn combs are also great and work well as a wooden comb. They are anti-static, gentle and safe on your beard hair, and will get the job done. Horn combs can run a tad pricier than other combs, but they are well worth the investment if you're serious about maintaining a healthy, well groomed beard.

Carbon Fiber Comb:

Carbon fiber?  What?!!  Yes, there are carbon fiber combs on the market now.  At first glance they look like plastic combs, but they aren't.  They are touted as anti-static, heat resistant, smooth, light, and strong.  Keep an eye out for these becoming more popular in the beard space.

Heated Brush:

A heated brush or a hot brush is the one that straightens tough and thick hair using bristles and heated plates. These brushes not only straighten your hair but also add shine in them. Although the heated brushes have just landed in the market, they have instantly gained popularity as an alternative of common hair straighteners.  We do not recommend these brushes, as they can burn your beard hair causing it to dry out and break.  These are all the rage on the scene right now, but proceed with caution if you decide to try one out.

 Live Bearded Beard Comb

Our Beard Combs and Brushes

Natural Wooden Beard Comb

Our all natural wooden beard comb is specifically designed for beard grooming and provides some other badass beard benefits as well. Unlike plastic combs, our wooden beard comb is anti-static and has softer, smoother teeth that reduce snagging and tangling which can cause your beard hairs to be pulled out and develop split ends.  And if you have a sweet ol' mustache, our beard comb will get it styled with ease.

Wooden beard combs vary in cost depending upon the size and design of the comb. On average, a high-quality all natural wood  beard comb may cost you about $20. If you are on the hunt for one, ours can compete with the best of em and is very fairly priced. 

Boars Hair Beard Brush

And here comes the premium beard brush that is perfect for all beard types and sizes! It will help you shape your beard to whatever style you want. It protects your beard from food particles, dandruff, and ensures a healthy and shiny beard. 

If I was stuck on an island and could only have one beard brush, this would be the no brainer option! Gentlemen, the Boar Hair Beard Brush is the tool of choice.  No snagging, no pulling, no static, smooth, and shapes better than any other brush or comb.  No brainer!

If you are interested in adding a good quality beard comb or beard brush to your arsenal of beard weapons, be sure to check out our stuff!

Well fellas, that about sums up what's going with with beard combs and brushes.  I really hope you gained some insight and education.  We always got you covered here at Live Bearded, so if you have any questions or comments hit us up in the comment section below.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd as always...LIVE BEARDED!