Beard Care Routine For Better Beard Growth

Spencer Bryce |

Beard Care doesn't need to be complicated, however we do understand that with all the different products out there it can be a little overwhelming. So to make things as easy (and effective) as possible, we put together a simple beard care routine that is guaranteed to give you better beard growth and leave you and your beard looking, and feeling better than ever!

This beard care routine consists of 3 simple steps, Beard Wash, Beard Oil and Beard Butter. They are designed specifically to be used together to improve the way your beard looks, feels and grows, and we recommended using them daily to ensure the best results. Let's take a deeper dive into each of the three and talk about the benefits you'll see. 

1. Beard Wash

One of the most common questions we get here at Live Bearded is whether you can use bar soap, body wash or regular shampoo to wash your beard. Well, yes technically you can, but you'll be damaging your beard. Most traditional soaps and shampoos are much too harsh for your face and beard, and most often have alcohol or other damaging ingredients that will dry out and damage your beard.

Beard wash on the other hand is designed specifically for your beard, so it'll give you the deep cleanse you need without causing damage. Just like you wash the hair on your head, grab your beard wash and lather up that glorious beard of yours. You'll want to rinse thoroughly and then towel dry to get about 90% of the water out before going to step 2...

2. Beard Oil

Beard oil is NOT for your beard! I know the name might imply that it is, however it's actually designed for the skin under your beard. As your beard grows in length it draws away the natural sebum oil your body produces, leaving your face extremely dry. This is what causes beard itch, irritation and flaky skin.

Dab about a dime to quarter size amount of oil into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply under your beard and onto the skin. By applying beard oil daily, you'll eliminate any irritation and promote better beard growth into the future. After you apply your beard oil it's time for step 3...

3. Beard Butter

Beard butter is a deep conditioner for your beard. It will moisturize and soften your beard hairs while promoting healthier beard growth. It also has a light to medium hold which will help you style and shape your beard and tame those unruly flyaways, and leave your beard looking and smelling great all day long.

You'll wan to apply it daily by scooping some out with your finger, place in the palms of your hands, and heat it up so it melts down. Apply to the the beard hairs evenly and comb your beard into place. 


Growing a beard isn't difficult, and proper beard care doesn't need to be either. By following these 3 simple steps we guarantee better beard growth that will leave you looking and feeling better than ever. 

If you haven't tried Live Bearded yet, I invite you to try it today, risk free. We have a lifetime warranty, money back guarantee, free shipping and free returns on every single order. Bottom line, we have your back no matter what!

If you have any questions about beard care, or about anything at all, don't hesitate to Contact Us anytime!

And as always, Live Bearded!