Beard Growth Guide - 21 Tips For Guaranteed Beard Growth

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Better Beard Growth!?

Whether you’re growing your first beard, or you’ve been living bearded for decades, there’s a little part (or big part) inside ALL of us that wishes we could have better beard growth!

In fact, it’s the #1 problem for bearded men worldwide!

So let’s stop wishing for a better beard and look at the FACTS...

21 Proven Tips For Guaranteed Beard Growth

1. Have More SEX

That’s right. Let’s start this beard journey off with a bang! (pun intended).

Studies have shown that Increased sex = Increased Testosterone.

Increased Testosterone = better beard growth.

You're welcome!

2. Exercise For Better Beard Growth

Back to that testosterone thing. Hit the weights, get outside or do whatever you prefer to get active. Exercise will increase your testosterone levels which means better beard growth! (plus you’ll look and feel better!)

What Other Proof Do You Need

What Other Proof Do You Need?

3. Sleep For Better Beard Growth

We’ve all heard it before, try to 7-8 hours if possible for optimal recovery and health.

If your’e like me, this will never happen. Just make sure to get 5+ or your body can produce as much as 15% less testosterone!

Catch those Z's anywhere you can!

Catch those Z's anywhere you can!

4. Supplement For Better Beard Growth

The right Beard Growth supplement will lead to faster, fuller, thicker, healthier, better growth... Guaranteed! It's just that simple...

5. Decrease Stress For Better Beard Growth

More Stress = more cortisol

More Cortisol = Less Testosterone

You should know by now what testosterone does


Chill out bro...

6. Diet For Better Beard Growth

Certain foods are loaded with vitamins known to promote better beard growth

  • Dark leafy greens
  • Avocados
  • Almonds
  • Salmon
  • And more...

Eat Healthy!

Doesn't this look tasty???

7. Avoid Regular Shampoo and Soaps

These are far too harsh for your beard and skin and will do more harm than good by stripping all your natural oils away and dramatically drying out your skin and beard.

Use a beard wash specifically designed to encourage better beard growth.

Don't wash your beard with bar soap!

Rookie move! No bar soaps...

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8. Wash Your beard With Cool or Lukewarm Water

Washing with hot water can actually damage the hair and stunt your beard growth! So even if you like scorching hot showers, turn the temperature down when washing your beard for less damage and better, healthier beard growth.

Surprised and Bearded

Who Knew!?

9. Refer to #1

Worth a Shot...

Worth a Shot...

10. Use Beard Oil Daily For Better Beard Growth

Beard oil the foundation of a great beard. It will keep your skin moisturized and promote healthier, fuller beard growth, plus it will leave your beard feeling, looking and smelling great!

Beard Oil
The Foundation to a Great Beard!

11. Don’t Trim Often

This may seem obvious, but too often guys trim way too much (weekly or even monthly) trying to snip every little flyaway hair. Doing this will make your beard journey take much longer than it should!

PRO TIP: Go at least 90 days without ANY trimming, do a very slight trim of the ends to even out then proceed to the next 90 day growth period. beard wash

12. Occasional Trimming IS Healthy

You don't need to go a year without a trim to grow a better beard. Not that we don't love an all natural look, but a slight trim every 90 days will keep you from looking too disheveled. Plus, trimming the ends will cut any split ends away and help encourage those hairs to grow better more!

Trim those fly aways!

Trim those fly aways!

13. Comb Regularly

I'm sure you're thinking, how can combing my beard help with beard growth!?

Well, combing your beard regularly will exfoliate the skin which has been proven to help beard growth. So throw one in your pocket to keep your beard in place all day long!

A Beardsman's Best Friend!

A Beardsman's Best Friend!

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14. Quit Smoking

Not only is smoking terrible for your health and the health of those around you, it is TERRIBLE for your beard!

15. Beard Not Connecting?

Struggling with patches and gaps in your beard? Have some patience and see #4 to growth over the thin spots.

We'll Get You There Brother!

We'll Get You There Brother!

16. Drink Lots of Water

Water will flush out toxins and keep your cells, tissues, and organs functioning properly!

Beer is 90-98% water...Cheers!

Beer is 90-98% water...Cheers!

17. Refer to #1

No caption needed...

No caption needed...

18. Exfoliate the Skin Under Your Beard

Using a quality boars hair brush once a day will prevent oil build-up and dandruff, plus stimulate the hair follicles for increased beard growth. brush Related: Learn About our 100% Boar Hair Brush

19. Massage Your Beard

Whether you do it or someone else does…similar to how a comb or brush helps... the increased blood flow from a massage will promote beard growth!

Of course they do...

Of course they do...

20. Consider Your Age

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re 18 and you don’t have the beard of Zeus...

Patience Young Grasshopper

Patience Young Grasshopper

21. Be Patient!

Rome wasn’t built in a day..and your glorious beard won’t be either...

Great products = great beard!

Great products = great beard!

The beard you've been wanting is within reach brother!

With the right supplements, diet, grooming habits, and beard care products, you'll be there in no time!

And we're here to help you along the way!

We are here to support you any way we can so don't hesitate to reach us anytime, for anything at

Live Bearded, Brother!