Beard Hack to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Spencer Bryce |

If there is one area on your beard you have to trim and check in regularly on, it's the sideburn and upper cheek area of your beard.

By keeping this section a little tighter it's going to elongate your face proportions and give the illusion of a thinner face and a better overall shape.

This is a really helpful tip for beards of all lengths, so if you have a medium to long beard don't think you can tune this one out.

It's super simple to do.

Here's how it works...

For this trim a set of nice precision beard scissors are not going to do the trick. You need a trimmer to evenly trim the hairs down and there's no better tool for the job then the MT-1 Beard Trimmer.



Do a Dry Run First.

Select the guard you think will best match your beard length and before you attach it to the trimmer itself, do a dry run to see what hairs will be trimmed at that length. 

I always recommend starting with a longer length guard than you think as you can always take it shorter.

Match Both Sides

Keep in mind you want to match both sides evenly, so try to section out what part of your beard you are trimming at what length so you can match it. 

I like to breakdown the sections as follows.

Top section: from the top of the sideburn to the middle of the ear.

Middle section: from the middle of the ear to the bottom of the earlobe

Bottom section: slightly below the earlobe and use discretion on how low best fits your beard length. If your beard is on the shorter side you can also run this shorter onto your cheeks as I show in the video above!

Get to Work

Once you have mapped your lengths out with a dry run, attach to your MT-1 and cautiously trim the hairs down.

By trimming away even the slightest amount of hairs your beard shape will elongate and give you better proportions.

Final thoughts

I hope you found this helpful. We know trimming can be daunting so if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to reach out as we are happy to help!

And as always,

Live Bearded, Brothers!


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