Beard Products Are For Pu$$ies (Viewer Advisory)

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Spencer Bryce |

According to some... beard products are for pu$$ies! And according to Richard J. (a keyboard warrior with a very big imagination), beard products are quite literally made to be used ON your pu$$y! Who knew!

This is just one small example of some of the extreme (and hilarious) comments I'm about to share with you guys. The underlying theme you'll see is that they are essentially all talking shit on using beard products...

Why would I want to share these with you?

Well first, they are funny and I think everybody deserves a good laugh... And second, there is a lesson to learn here so stick with me til the end! 

Some of these may be offensive to turn back now if you offend easily!

Beard products are specifically designed to help the way your beard grows, looks, smells and feels... but as you can see, some would disagree! 🤣🤣🤣

Now, I have a serious love/hate relationship with technology. Not so long ago, if you wanted to complain about a company, or talk smack to someone, you'd have to write a letter and send it off, or meet someone face to face. Nowadays, you can hide behind your screen and say whatever you feel, with no real risk of being called out or responded to (in the physical world anyway). 

As unfortunate as it is, in the world we live in there are tons of these keyboard warriors trolling the internet on a mission to put others down. At the core of it, they are really just upset or extremely insecure themselves, and they only feel better by putting others down. If you come across this, my advice is to simply scroll past or kill them with kindness.

Here's a few more just because 🤣

There will always be people who disagree with something you say or do. We will NEVER all agree on everything, all the time. And that is a good thing! Don't let someone else's opinion of you change who you are. Having a beard doesn't make you more or less of a man. Using beard products (or not), doesn't change a single thing about who you are as a person. Just be a good human being and rock whatever look you prefer. That said, let's talk beard products!

Where did beard products come from?

Beard products were in fact, not around 10 years ago. But at one point in time, hair products weren't a thing, and even that stuff we use every day called toothpaste hasn't been around forever. As time goes on and we discover new ways to take care of ourselves, products and services have evolved along side to help us stay looking, and smelling good.

That said, it really just comes down to personal hygiene. Beard products didn't just get created out of nowhere and for no purpose. It is simply an evolution of grooming products as we've seen beards become more and more popular in recent years. 

Beard products were created to help us look and feel better. Beard oil is designed to help keep your skin moisturized and eliminate beard itch and irritation, one of the biggest complaints about having a beard for decades. Beard butter was created to moisturize your beard hairs and give you hold to style and shape your beard. Beard wash is designed to be gentle enough on your face/skin to clean your beard, without stripping too much oil leaving your beard dry and brittle.

Before beard products, beards were known to be coarse, dry and itchy. Now that beard products exist, beards are softer, and they look, grow and feel better too. Ask any woman which beard she prefers, and I guarantee it won't be the rough one I first described!

Should you use beard products? 

Sure, you don't NEED beard products to grow a beard. But if you want to grow a better beard, a few simple steps in the morning make all the difference. If you haven't tried our beard products yet, I invite you to try them risk free. We offer a LIFETIME warranty and money back guarantee on everything we do. I know you'll be blown away.

If you have any questions about beard products, beard style or anything beard (or non beard) at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. 

Live Bearded, Brother!