Beard Products for Black Men

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Jonathan Jones |

Coarse, curly, coily, kinky, let's just say it - Black Men's hair. We've received tons of emails asking if Live Bearded beard products work for black men. 

In short - yes, our beard products do work for black men. We designed them specifically to work with all types of hair!  It really just comes down to understanding your hair texture, and how to use beard products properly to keep your beard healthy.

Beard Wash

Keeping your beard clean is a fundamental part of beard care, and really the first step to your beard grooming routine for a better beard. I typically wash my beard with an all-natural beard wash twice a week and maintain in between washes by using quality beard oil and butter.

Keep in mind that over-washing your beard and using harsh soaps can lead to dry skin, which is why I recommend a beard wash designed for your face and beard. For those of you wash more regularly, I'd recommend using a bit more beard oil and beard butter in your everyday routine in order to avoid dryness and beardruff. 

Beard Oil

There's no doubt that beard oil is the single most important part of beard care for all beards. Beard oil is the foundation for growing a healthy, soft and fuller beard.

This is key for curly beards because as your hair follicles grow longer, they will pull more oil from your skin and cause beard itch. A lot of guys cut their beards off because of this. Beard oil will help eliminate the itch and maintain moisture to your skin.

Beard Butter

Keeping your beard hairs conditioned and moisturized with a quality beard butter is very important. This is what separates a well-groomed beard from an average beard.

Kinky, wiry, coarse beards are more susceptible to beard breakage. This especially happens when black men comb their beards. One rule of thumb is to NEVER comb your curly beard without proper moisturization. Make sure you've applied your beard oil and beard butter, then gently comb your beard out. Take your time, it's not a race, it's a marathon!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, YES, Live Bearded beard products work for black men. Our products work for men of all colors, shapes, and sizes. If you're on the fence about trying us out, we're confident that our products will work for you. So confident that we have a money-back guarantee. Give us a shot today! 

Live Bearded!