The Perfect Beard Routine In 6 Simple Steps

Spencer Bryce |

Beard routine?

For those that don't know, that's a fancy way of saying how you get ready in the morning

Let's be honest...growing a beard is easy...

Whether you like to admit it or not, growing a GREAT beard takes a little work.

However, with the right products and a simple beard routine, there's no reason it should take more than a few minutes a day to look and feel your best...

And since it'ts our job to make it as-easy-as-possible for you to achieve "baller beard status," we put together this ridiculously awesome step-by-step guide just for you!

6 Simple Steps To The Perfect Beard Routine!

1. Wash The Damn Thing

Wash feels soo good!

I don't know about you, but I love a good beard massage in the morning!

...especially when I'm NOT the one doing the massaging! 😜

PRO TIP: When washing your beard, avoid bar soaps and body washes! They will dry out your beard and irritate your skin doing more harm than good.

Dry beard + dry skin = bad news!

We recommend using an all natural Beard Wash that is sensitive enough for your face and strong enough for your beard!

Frequency: This really depends on your daily environment. If you work outside in the elements you’ll want to wash daily. If not you can likely get away with every other day, use your best judgment here. The ladies no-likey a smelly beard!

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2. Gently Towel Dry

Towel Dry

Ohhh ya, that's right!

After your morning beard massage, give it a once-over with the towel.

Pat it dry and try to get about 90% of the water out of your beard and then...

3. Apply Your Beard Oil

Apply Beard Oil

...gimmie that oil!

Beard oil is the foundation to a truly great (and healthy) beard and we believe you MUST apply beard oil daily to keep your skin and beard healthy.

A great oil reduces beard itch, dry skin, beard dandruff and split ends!

As your beard grows, it's common to experience beard itch, beard dandruff and split ends. Using a high-quality beard oil will stop this from happening.

Get it in there

...gotta get it up in there!

PRO TIP: When you apply the oil, first go under your beard and apply to your skin, then use the extra to lube up the beard. As for how much to use? Depends on the size of your beard. Generously apply, better to be safe than sorry.

Frequency: We high recommend you oil your beard daily!

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4. It's Time To Butter That Beard

Not this butter

...NOOOO! Not this kind of butter!

Beard Butter

This kind!!! 😜

Beard Butter is the perfect combination of beard oil and beard balm and is the best way (in our humble opinion) to condition and moisturize your beard!

Plus, it gives you a light-to-medium hold so you can style and shape your beard to perfection!

Made with all natural ingredients, this stuff is amazing for your beard (and skin) and is known as the "secret weapon" to an amazing beard among our thousands of customers!

Scoop + Heat + Apply

Scoop + Heat + Apply = Beard Bliss 😍

PRO TIP: Scoop some out with your finger, put it in your palms and heat it up in your hands, then apply to your beard!

Frequency: We recommend using butter daily. It will make your beard ridiculously soft and glorious!

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5. Comb It Out

After you apply the oil and butter, it's time to comb it out and style your beard to perfection.

A good beard comb is critical and we highly recommend a wood comb with wide teeth to avoid static and snagging.

Comb it out!

Two is better than one!

First start by going under your beard and comb everything out, away from your face...

Once it's combed out, comb it down and into place.

Just like that

...yup, just like that!

PRO TIP: This "up then down" trick will give you a fuller look, lead to less tangles, and help you style it just the way you like!

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6. The Mighty Mustache (Optional)

Mighty Mustache

Got Stache Game!? 💪 💪

Yes, it's true, the stache isn't for everyone...

But for those of you brave enough to handle-bar, this 6th and final step to this beard routine is perfect for you!

Start by applying some wax to the stache and the pull the hairs down and out as you work your way from the middle to the sides.

PRO TIP: You’ll want to use your index or middle finger along with your thumb and twist the wax on as if you are snapping or rolling your finger and thumb.

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Beard Heaven

...oh ya, you know it!

By following the above steps, in just a few minutes a day, you will significantly improve the health, look, and feel of your beard.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found these beard routine tips helpful!

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