Beard Slap - We are on TikTok!

Spencer Bryce |
@livebearded_official BEARD SLAP - A beard slap is the slapping of another person with large amounts of concussive force, resulting in the formation of a beard. #slapchallenge #slap #funny #viral #beards #slapfight #bearded ♬ original sound - Live Bearded

Unless you don't partake in social media and all things internet, you've probably heard of this little thing called TikTok.

It has been all the craze for a while now...

We first thought it was for teenyboppers and didn't jump on the platform until we realized it's a fun platform with a lot of us beards hanging out there.

Better late than never, right?!

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our TikTok account and will have exclusive content aimed to educate, entertain, and inspire men.

So if you have a TikTok, and are interested in seeing what we are up to, give us a follow!

And if you're interested in shooting some content with us, let us know! We are always looking for awesome bearded men like you to shoot content with.

Thanks for your support on this journey, Live Bearded is nothing without you all.

Live Bearded, Brother!

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I have 1800 follows mostly bearded people I would love to shoot some content or at least do some live bearded oil reviews cause that’s what I mostly do anyway on my tiktok and youtube channel

  • Brandon Curtis

How do I grow a thick beard with out gaps and spaces

  • Mark

Good for you. Scrounging around to make the best impact!

  • Richard Dorsey

Hahaha love the beard slap 😂😂

  • Ron Watts

Just trying to get some help with my beard. Some ideas may help. I entered your giveaway almost every day. I really could use some help

  • Ronnie L Moore

Long time member and user of Live Bearded and I’m already following you on TikTok. I would love to shoot some content with my fellow bearded brothers.

  • Greg Blackwell

You guys are so awesome! I love all the videos you have made. I am so glad to have met the gang. Client for life.
👁❤️Live Bearded!

  • John Matea

Lol 😂 I loved it lol keep up the good work guy 💪🏾💪🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

  • Price Bennett

Nice job planning that out, shows a lot of forethought. Great Job!

  • Bill