Beard Trim Update: 4 Month Beard Growth

Spencer Bryce |

When it comes to growing a beard, trimming is NOT always a bad thing. In fact, here at Live Bearded we believe every Beardsman should learn how to trim a beard so he can shape it when need be. 

It's important to point out that your beard hairs will grow at different rates, so as your beard grows out, some places will be longer than others. For some that may be on the chin, for others (like my brother Justin) that may be the neck. 

Now every beard is different, and depending on what look you're going for it can vary slightly, but a good rule of thumb is to check in for a shape up every month or so to trim away flyaway hairs, balance out the uneven growth and keep your beard shaped and looking great.

Before you do any trimming, make sure you use your products and style your beard just as you do on a daily basis, and make sure your beard is 100% dry. You never want to trim when your beard is wet, or if you just woke up and have crazy bed beard.

Now when Justin came over a month ago for his beard shape up, he was at 3 months growth and had not touched it at all. As you can see, it was all over the place and not defined at all. We defined his cheek line, back line and neck line and the difference was insane! Check it out...

We didn't take any length off the chin, but we did take some weight off the sides and created the lines of his beard (Check out the full trim here)

Fast forward a month and it was time to check in on his growth and re shape his beard. When Justin showed up to my house he was looking a little rough. His beard definitely grew a good bit, but it was all over the place (c'mon bro!).

As you can see, his beard grows quite a bit faster on the neck and even after a short month the sides are starting to get a little wild as well which is very common. 

Now when it comes to an shape up, the idea is to take off as little as possible and really focus on the trouble areas. Treat your beard like a hedge and trim the necessary hairs off to bring the shape back to your beard. You will need to redefine your lines (where they were before).

For Justin, we only took length off the sides (cheeks) and his under beard. We didn't take any length off the chin at all since he is growing his beard out. The result...

BOOM! His beard is coming together! 

I'm here to tell you beard trims are good for you! Don't be afraid to check in every 30 days or so and trim a few hairs away to give your beard a better shape. A beard trim does not have to mean you take length off your beard. 

I know beard trimming can be a scary thought. I hear it from you guys all the time about how difficult it can be (which is why I'm making these videos to try to help!).

If you have any questions about beard trimming, products or anything at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime. We have a LIFETIME warranty and money back guarantee on everything we do. Bottom line, we have your back no matter what. 

Live Bearded, brothers!