Beard Trimmer MT1 Designed for Long, Medium, and Short Beards

Spencer Bryce |

Growing a beard is as easy as putting the razor down... but grooming a great beard requires the right products and tools, and a quality Beard Trimmer is at the top of the list.

Whether you're wanting a short corporate beard, a long beard style, or anything in between, an electric beard trimmer is a necessity for maintaining your facial hair.

Here at Live Bearded, our mission is to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best. 

And we know how difficult mastering an at home beard trim can be, so we've been hard at work designing the right tool for the job.

This pursuit to create an industry leading trimmer led to the creation of the MT-1 Beard Trimmer.

In this article, we'll cover all the features this trimmer offers and why it'll help make grooming the beard style you want a truly better experience.

And in the months to come, we'll continue to educate you on techniques to truly master an at home beard trim.

Choosing the Right Clipper Blade

When we were considering what blade material to use for our Beard Trimmer, it was a pretty clear cut (pun intended) decision with choosing a Ceramic Blade

Ceramic blades are heat resistant, and generate 75% less heat. Being this trimmer is used on your neck and face, this is a huge plus for a better beard trimming experience.

In addition to the heat benefits, ceramic clipper blades are incredibly sharp, which helps ensure you can get a precision shape and cut through your beard hairs evenly for sharp lines and a smoother and faster overall cut.

It's also skin safe so you can get a sharp line without cutting your skin.

If these reasons weren't enough, steel blades erode and get rusty over time and ceramic blades do not.

The only downside we see to a ceramic blade over a traditional steel blade, is that they can be up to three times more expensive.

The old adage "you get what you pay for", has truth to it, and the increased cost of the ceramic blades is well worth it given the benefits laid out above.

Adjustable Lengths

One of the biggest benefits of an electric beard trimmer vs a traditional razor or scissors, is the adjustable lengths you can get by using guards.

Razors are beneficial for taking your cheek and neck lines down to bare skin, but that's about all their good for. Scissors can also be a helpful tool for beard trimming but are best used to hedge the outside shape.

An electric beard trimmer with adjustable lengths, like the MT-1, can do it all. It can take your cheeks down tight enough for a great look and also hedge the outside to shape your beard.

But where it really shines is being able to attach a guard and fade your sideburns into your beard, or give you a consistent length in certain areas of your beard.

We chose to include 6 different attachable single-sided guards to ensure they clipped in securely and easily. The worst is having a trimmer where the guards don't clip in fully as you'll run the risk of it detaching mid trim. Yikes.

In addition to that, we made the trimmer head itself is adjustable so in total you can get up to 28 combination lengths. This will allow you to find the best lengths to get a beard style you love.

Why Medium and Long Beards Still Need a Beard Trimmer

If you're reading this and have or want a long beard, you may be wondering if you need an electric beard trimmer or not.

In our professional opinion, you absolutely do. A long beard can be dramatically improved by cleaning up the sideburn area of your beard so that part is tighter. This very subtle difference will allow you to rock a medium or long beard but still be intentional looking and not like you just don't care. 

It's these little changes that make all the difference!

Battery Life

Batteries have come a long way in recent years, and we were able to take advantage of these advancements by using a lithium ion batter which not only charges fast, but lasts up to 240 minutes. 

Gone are the days of needing a cord for ample power. The cordless MT-1 offers 5 speed settings which will allow for finding a balance of battery conservation cutting power needed based on beard density.

Reducing Trimmer Noise

There's nothing more annoying than the sounds of a loud trimmer buzzing in your ear. 

So when designing the MT-1 we wanted it to be as quiet as possible. The ceramic blade has a big impact here, but the motor itself is quieter than what you're used to with a 63 DB noise level.

This makes it a better experience for you, and also helps disturbing loved ones if you're one to wake up before your better half and need a quick touch-up before tackling the day.

Rubber Sides

Last, but not least, is the intention we put into having a trimmer that is secure in your hand. When trimming a beard, a steady hand is critical, and a plastic side can lead to slight slippage of the trimmer in your hand. 

We rubberized our side panels so you can grip the beard trimmer with ease and not run the risk of making an unintentional cut into your beard.

Detachable Head for Easy Cleaning

Just like any nice tool, you want to take care of it. Fortunately the MT-1 makes cleaning easy with it's removable head and provided cleaning solution. Cleaning frequency will vary dramatically based on usage, so use your best judgment here or reach out if you would like our help. A good rule of thumb is, if you feel it's not cutting as well after a long period of time, it's probably time for a quick cleaning.

Final Thoughts

We know trimming your beard at home is a challenge for a lot of guys out there. Everybody makes mistakes when they first start, and that's ok! It's part of the process. 

Learning how to do it yourself is absolutely worth it, though. You'll invest a little up front in a quality beard trimmer, but you'll save on costly regular barber visits and you'll be able to get a beard trim any time you want. 

We know that's easier said than done, which is why we've put so much energy into creating content to help you out, and we have a lot more coming down the pipe.

If you have any questions about our new beard trimmer, or how you can use it to get the beard style you want. reach out to us anytime. We are always here to help.

Live Bearded, Brother.