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Becoming a Mustache Master - 5 Tips

There is an art to mastering a good mustache. How to grow it, groom it, and deal with it daily. There is a mustache style for everyone, so we put together these 5 tips to follow to become a Mustache Master:

1. Match Your Mustache To Your Beard

We believe that as your beard grows, as should your mustache. The Bigger the Beard, the Bigger the Stache. They should work together to give you a balanced overall look as a general rule of thumb.

Now we understand that some prefer the Amish look with no stache, while others like an overemphasized mustache.

Do what you like at the end of the day, but if you aren't sure of your preferred style, try to match the size of your beard and mustache to give you a balanced look.

2. Train It Early

As you start to grow your mustache, we recommend training it in its early stages. One of the biggest difficulties of having a big stache is having it take over your mouth making eating, drinking, kissing, and a lot of other things difficult.

Applying a little mustache wax and combing it to the side when it’s shorter will train the hairs to stay off your mouth as it gets longer. This is a critical step that most fail to do until their mustache is already at a significant length.

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3. Don't Overdo It

The idea isn't to glue your stache to your lip. Don't overdo you wax application and try to keep your stache simple. The wax should be used as a form of function, to keep your mouth clear.

We recommend you to apply lightly for a natural look and keep your wax in your pocket to reapply throughout the day as need be.

Your mustache is at the center of your face and will be the focus when you are talking with someone. Keeping it organized throughout the day is important.

4. Style

Have some fun! Yes, we just told you not to overdo it, however your beard represents your personality. Play around with your mustache style to really figure out what you like best.

We suggest doing this first at home, trying different approaches. If you like what you discover then give it a shot for the day. Be confident in what YOU like and wear it with confidence.

5. Eating Guidelines

Eating can be the biggest pain for most mustache wearers. Many guys say you MUST give up certain foods.

Wings, bagels with cream cheese and a whole long list of other amazing foods. I say screw that and follow these steps to make your dining experience less messy.

  • Open wide - larger than you normally would, but no need to make a scene
  • Smaller bites - have some manners, slow down and take smaller bites
  • Cutlery - even on foods you might not normally use them on (ex: pizza)
  • Straws, cans and bottles - use these when you can

Be mindful of what you're eating and keep a napkin nearby. No need to give up your favorite foods for your mustache. A man can, and should, have both.

We are here to help answer any questions you have, whether it's style related or helping with a product recommendation, so don't hesitate to reach out at anytime to

Hopefully this article helped you and potentially inspired you to grow your stache a bit longer! Hit the SHARE button and help spread the word so we can help other bearded brothers in need. And as always, Live Bearded Brother!