Master Your Mustache With These 5 Tips

Spencer Bryce |

There is an art to mastering a good mustache. How to grow it, groom it, and deal with it daily. And let's be honest, mustache hairs can be a bit unruly. If you're looking to make your mustache stand out above the crowd, follow these 5 tips:

1. Train It Early

One of the biggest difficulties of having a big mustache is having it take over your mouth making eating, drinking, kissing, and a lot of other things difficult. Because of this, we recommend hitting your mustache with a little mustache wax early on to begin to train the hairs to grow away from your mouth, especially if your goal is a handlebar mustache.

2. Keep Mustache Wax Nearby

When you have a mustache, you'll quickly learn that you NEVER want to be without mustache wax. So apply it in the morning, and slide your tube into your pocket so you can reapply if need be. Pro tip, don't leave it in your car on a hot day! 

mustache wax

3. Don't Overdo It

When it comes to mustache style, the goal isn't to glue your mustache to your lip. Don't overdo you wax application and try to keep your mustache simple. The mustache wax should be used as a form of function, to keep your mouth clear.

We recommend you to apply lightly for a natural look and keep your wax in your pocket to reapply throughout the day as need be.

Your mustache is at the center of your face and will be the focus when you are talking with someone. Keeping it organized throughout the day is important.

4. Mustache Style

Have some fun with it! Changing your mustache can have a huge impact on your look so don't be afraid to grow it long and try a handlebar mustache at least once!

We suggest doing this first at home, trying different approaches. If you like what you discover then give it a shot for the day. Be confident in what YOU like and wear it with confidence.

5. Eating With A Mustache

Eating can be the biggest pain for most mustache wearers. Some guys even go as far as saying you MUST give up certain foods.

Wings, bagels with cream cheese and a whole long list of other amazing foods. Why would we want to give up all these delicious things??? Just follow these guidelines and eat whatever you want.

  • Open wide - larger than you normally would, but no need to make a scene
  • Smaller bites - have some manners, slow down and take smaller bites
  • Cutlery - even on foods you might not normally use them on (ex: pizza)
  • Straws, cans and bottles - use these when you can

Be mindful of what you're eating and keep a napkin or a detailer nearby. No need to give up your favorite foods for your mustache.  You can, and should, have both.

Final Thoughts

I may be biased here but I do believe everyone should rock a big mustache at some point. If you've been on the fence about giving it a shot, I hope these tips help encourage you to go for it. Worst case you trim it back down.

We are here to help answer any questions you have, whether it's style related or helping with a product recommendation, so don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

Live Bearded, Brother!