Behind The Scenes Hiring Prank (MUST SEE)

Anthony Mink |

We are excited to share that our team is growing! We just had the privilege of interviewing several incredible candidates for an open customer service position at our HQ in Scottsdale, AZ. As we went through the interview process, one of the guys we interviewed was Dusty Stutler.

We've known Dusty a while; he's a long-time customer and all-around great dude. So when he sent in his application video, we were pumped to talk with him. We had him come into the office for an interview and as soon as we sat down, two things were very apparent: 1) Dusty was extremely excited about the opportunity to come work with us, and 2) That excitement led to him being extremely nervous as we started to interview him.

As we started to ask him some very specific questions about the role and why we should hire him, he was (literally) at a loss for words... and clearly frustrated. 

After a long, awkward silence, he pushed through the discomfort and finished strong - assuring us he was was the right guy. Knowing that his nervousness was really a sign of his excitement for the opportunity, Spence and I both agreed he would be an excellent addition to our team. 

Shortly after his interview, frustrated with himself and feeling like he blew his opportunity, Dusty emailed us and owned the fact that he was super nervous and reaffirmed his desire for the role. Here's the email he sent us: 

Good morning brother,

I just wanted to say a thank you to you and Spencer for inviting me in and, for the consideration for the CSS position! 

There are a couple of things that have been bothering me since leaving. First of all my nervous demeanor. I just wanted to express to you guys that I feel that was in no way was that a true reflection of my ability to communicate.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist (which I recognize isn't necessarily a good trait at times) so I can a bit hard on myself at times. I wanted to express to you guys that I am extremely confident in my ability to communicate well with customers and I feel I would be a great fit for this role if given the opportunity. 

The other thing that keeps playing on a loop in my head is one of the questions you asked that I had stumbled on. You asked me, "describe yourself in three words." and I stumbled big time.  I mean, how do you stumble on that?! Lol! So I'd like the opportunity to answer that one again.

Three words that best describe me are, patient, compassionate, and intuitive (and also EXTREMELY determined!). I believe that these are my greatest attributes. I believe that we are sometimes blinded by ego and, don't necessarily see some of the most positive attributes of ourselves.

Upon some better reflection, I could probably name a bunch more but, the three that I gave you here are the ones that I believe shine the brightest! 

That's, it bro. I just wanted to express how I was feeling. I want you guys to know that I believe that this position would be a PERFECT fit for me! And if given the opportunity I strongly believe that you and the team would agree! Thanks again for inviting me down and for the consideration. Look forward to hearing back soon!

Dusty Stutler

Two things you simply cannot teach are passion and hunger, and Dusty had both of those in droves. On top of that, since we've known him for a while, we knew he'd fit in seamlessly. After discussing all the candidates, we decided to offer Dusty the job.

This is where things got interesting!

Because Dusty was so nervous during the interview and he felt like he had "blown" the opportunity, I wanted to mess with him a bit. My idea was to invite him back to our office where we'd give him the cold shoulder followed by a "big speech" that gives him the impression we were not going to hire him.

Then, at the very end, we'd offer him the job.

The team loved the idea, so Spence gave Dusty a call. Prior to him coming in, Jon, our videographer, set up a candid camera in the studio.

Dusty showed up and we all were super quiet and reserved. He sat down on the couch in our office while Spence and I looked "busy" on our computers to let the tension build. As Dusty sat on the couch, Jon went and hit "record" on the camera in the studio. I told everyone on the team to stand outside the studio door and rush in when they heard us tell him he was hired.

Finally, after about 10 minutes of giving him the cold shoulder, we took him into the studio to "talk" ... and the rest is history.

So, without further adieu, please help us welcome our newest team member, Dusty Stutler! 

Final Thoughts

Throughout my life, "ball-busting" has been a right of passage. Whether I was on the court playing ball, in the locker room after, or just hanging out with the guys. Whenever we're together, we're always looking for every opportunity to break each other's balls and have a good laugh at each others expense. 

Sometimes it's crude, sometimes it's well deserved, and sometimes it's was just to let a brother know, "I got your back" and "we are in this together."  Whatever the reason, there is a camaraderie among men who don't take things personally and don't take themselves or life too seriously.

I whole-heartedly believe being able to laugh at yourself regardless of the circumstance is the mark of a great man, and a great leader. It shows character and depth that is not always easy to come by. 

As you go through life, the responsibility of the years will add up and begin to weigh you down. When it does we’d like to encourage you to remember to not take things personally, or too seriously because the simple truth is, no one makes it out of this one life alive.

Emily Dickinson said it best when she said, “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” Please don't miss the sweetness of life because you spent it being upset, pissed off, and frustrated by bullsh*t outside of you that in the end, doesn't truly matter. Instead, focus on enjoying the sweetness of life and let everything else fall away.