The 4 Best Beard Combs & Brushes

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JP Harris |

Hey Brothers! JP here!!  In this episode of JP's Corner, We tackle the best beard combs and brushes.

Here are the best beard brushes and combs: 

One of the most essential needs of having a beard are the tools that we use to keep our Beards in check all day! And when it comes to keeping an unruly beard looking good, a beard comb or beard brush is a must-have.

In today's video, we are gonna discuss the 3 best beard tools that you need in your BEARD ARSENAL!!


Best Wooden Beard Comb: The Natural Wood Comb

The Natural Wood Comb

Price: $16.99

The Beard Comb. Every beard's best friend. There are literally 100's of different beard combs on the market today. Different sizes, colors, teeth width, and base materials. From wooden beard combs to metal, bone, and plastic, there are many options out there. A wooden beard comb offers some really incredible benefits that other materials don't.

Some of the benefits of this high-quality beard comb:

  • Natural wood is anti-static with wide teeth which dramatically reduces snagging and damaging beard hairs.

  • Prevent ingrown hairs by training the hairs to grow in the right direction. A trained beard is a happy beard!

  • Evenly distribute beard oil and beard butter throughout your beard to ensure perfect coverage.

  • Shaping your beard to your desired style, by eliminating those crazy tangles, waves, and curls.  


    Best Premium Beard Comb: The Cellulose Acetate Large Beard Comb

    Price: $19.99

    When it comes to premium beard products, this beard comb may take the cake. Hand-made of cellulose acetate and hand-polished, this comb will glide through your beard making your morning routine that much easier (and less painful!).

    Benefits of this premium cellulose acetate beard comb.

    • Plant-based materials that are anti-static to prevent beard frizz.

    • Hand made and hand-polished to reduce snagging and damage to your beard. 

    • Evenly distribute beard oil and beard butter throughout your beard to ensure perfect coverage.

    • Two sized teeth to shape your beard and mustache to perfection.


      Best Beard Comb for Coarse Hair: The Beard Pick

      Price: $19.99

      This is one of the best beard combs on the market for big, curly, coarse beards! It is capable of taming the thickest and wildest of beards anytime, anywhere!

      Perfect for all kinds of beard types, this comb will help get out those tough tangles and shape your beard just the way you want it! This is a personal favorite for those long beards out there who are used to feeling other combs snag or pull your beard hair.

      Some of the Benefits of using the Beard Pick:

      • Keeps Beard health, tangle-free, and tamed.

      • Stimulates natural oil (sebum) production for added hydration.

      • Reduced static, snagging and pulling of hairs with rubber tips.

      • Added comfort with the extended handle for better grip and styling control.

      Best Overall Beard Brush: The Boars Hair Beard Brush

      The Boars Hair Brush

      Price: $16.99

      This beard brush is the best naturally wooden brush with 100% pure boars hair. It is a perfect addition to your beard arsenal!  Any Veterans out there may remember using a boars hair beard brush to help polish and keep their shine on their boots, well a good boars hair brush can take your beard to the next level!  I love to use this brush to help to train my beard to lay down and keep those flyaway hairs tamed!  

      Benefits of using a boar bristle brush:

      • Keeps hair clean, healthy, shiny, and protected.

      • Reduced static, snagging, and pulling of hairs.

      • Added styling control.


      You really need the best tools to keep your beard looking great and growing healthy and strong. All the brushes and combs mentioned above can be purchased here on our site.


      All of our combs and brushes are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise this will be the best Beard tools that you have used or your money back!

      Be Grateful, DO Better and, LIVE BEARDED, Brothers!!