Best Beard Styles 2018

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Best Beard Style 2018 - What will it be???

With the New Year comes resolutions (we may or may not stick to), and apparently new beard styles or “trends”…

We’ve caught wind of these “beard trends” so we wanted to do some research to really find out what's going on.

Best Beard Style 2018

Before we give you OUR opinion on the best beard style 2018, let’s cover what some others are predicting will be popular this year.

Short Beards

We all know that long, full beards have been popular in recent years. Well according to some, this is not where it’s heading in 2018.

So is it time to bust out the clippers? I’ll leave that up to you...

Short Beard

Long Beards

Wait a second....didn't they just say short beards are "in"?

Yes, but contrary to what you just read, many are predicting that long beards are NOT going anywhere!

Some “experts” are saying long beards are the go to 2018 beard style.

So let it GROW, brother! And if you need a little help growing to your full potential I’d suggest you check out Beard Boost to get a beard up on the competition!

Long Beard

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Lip Beards

I’ve never heard them referred to as such, but let’s roll with it. Apparently mustaches are making a comeback in 2018.

I’ve always been a supporter of a big stache. I rock a handlebar myself and have always said they are a great compliment to your beard...

However, some are saying ditch the beard and rock the soup strainer by itself in 2018.

Lip Beard


If you were around in the 90s and could grow facial hair, you probably had a goatee. Well apparently they are making a comeback this year…

If you’re not familiar with the goatee…here’s a picture of what you’ll look like for reference…


Wait, that's not you go!


And Finally...We Predict...

The absolute best beard style for 2018 is…

Drumroll please...

Whatever beard style YOU want

Whether you want to rock your beard long, short, boxed, rounded, solo stache or anything in between...

Do what YOU want!

If you feel good about the beard on your face you will have more confidence and people will take notice.

Don’t let other people’s idea of what’s “trendy” affect who YOU are.


So yes, if that means you want to rock a giant beardless porn stache, go for it brother! Just make sure to keep it waxed and looking good!

Crazy Mustache

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As always, Live Bearded Brother!