The Best Customer Service

Pete Migneault |

What's up bearded brothers?!  We get asked lots of random questions from our customers all the time.  Questions like "What if order a beard product scent and don't like it?", or "What if the beard brush I order doesn't work on my big beard?", or "My beard mail got damaged on shipment, what do I do now?" and the list goes on and on.  We wanted to put our main points down in black and white to clear up any questions or concerns you may have when considering placing an order with us.  When we say we've got you back no matter what, we really mean it.  There is a reason our bearded brothers say we have the best customer service on the planet earth.  Let's get into it!

Free Shipping & Returns

"What exactly does this mean? It sounds too good to be true!" 

As shocking as it may sound, it means exactly what it states and there are no loopholes involved.  We offer free shipping and free returns on any and every item you buy from us.

"Wait, what?! That's insane!" 

Yes, we know.  There are absolutely no minimum purchase requirements from us to get free shipping either.  No matter what you order from Live Bearded, it ships free.  And if you happen to not like whatever you order from us or need to exchange something, we will pay for your return shipping to square away whatever the case may be.

"Holy crap, seriously?!" 

Yes, seriously.  To sum it up, if something ships from us or back to us, we pay for shipping.

Free Shipping

365 Day Return Policy

"Wait!  There's more?  As if Free Shipping and Free Returns wasn't enough!" 

That's right my friends, there is more.  To piggy back on the info above about free shipping back to us, let's talk about our 365 Day Return Policy.  If for any reason you are not 1000% satisfied with your purchase from us, you can return or exchange your Live Bearded product at any point.  All you have to do is contact us, and our world class customer service bad asses will take great care of you.  Bada bing!

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Unfortunate situations happen in life sometimes.  One example...beard combs get dropped, stepped on, sat on, and sometimes break.  While most companies would put the blame on you and make you order a new beard comb, we don't.  If for any reason you need a replacement, we've got you covered!  You get a lifetime warranty on every single product we offer.  I repeat, no matter how long you've had one of our products, if something goes astray just reach out to us and we will replace it for you at no charge!  When you purchase from us, you join the Brotherhood, and we treat you like we'd treat family.

Well fellas, those are the Big 3!  We hope knowing this information will make you feel 100% comfortable and confident shopping with us.  If you have any other questions you can always reach out to us here.

And as allllwwwwaaaaaayyyyyyysssss...LIVE BEARDED!