Best Gifts for Men...with Beards.

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The Best Gifts for Men…with Beards

Gift buying for men can be very difficult, so I've heard. If you're like me, I don't really rely on other people buying me the things I want, so I typically buy them myself.  BUT!  Then when gift giving holidays come around, I always hear "What do you want?", or "I don't know what to get you, because you already have everything I wanted to buy you.", or "You're really picky so I never know what to get you."...excuses, excuses.

Well, let me help you out here.  If you're looking to buy a gift for a man with a beard, a goatee, a mustache, or any facial hair for that matter, look no further!  A Beard grooming kit is an absolute NO BRAINER!  It will help him out by getting something that he can actually use, will help him look better, will help him smell better, and will help him clean his facial hair.  Beard Kits and/or beard grooming products are absolutely a gift a man with facial hair will love and appreciate.

Live Bearded Beard Kits and Bundles make the perfect gift for any gift giving occasion, for those men out there who have made their beard a part of their daily look. Give the gift of high-quality, all-natural beard grooming products. Beardsmen work hard growing our beards and put a lot of effort into its daily upkeep. Show him that you notice all of the work he puts into his glorious beard by giving him products that were specially crafted for men like him!

Bearded Men love Beard Kits!

Why Your Bearded Man Needs the Gift of a Beard Kit

We don’t always get the gifts we really want for birthdays and Christmas. We're not the easiest people to buy gifts for. Men are utilitarian, meaning we like gifts that we can use, that serve an important purpose. That doesn’t always mean a new set of tools or yard work equipment.

If the guy in your life has a beard, you can’t go wrong with buying him one of our beard grooming kits for any occasion. Consider one of our Beard Care bundles as a gift for you both. Once your man starts using our products you won’t be able to take your hands off his beard!

All of our products are made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that promote growth, health, hygiene, and longevity. Most all of our bundles come with a 3-step beard care system that is outlined for optimal grooming. We walk you through the process so that your beards get the most out of our products.

True Beardsman Executive

The True Beardsman Beard Kit

The True Beardsman Beard Kit is our most popular beard kit. This kit comes with three of the essentials for the best beard grooming experience. This kit includes our premium beard wash that is available in multiple fragrances, as well as our specially formulated beard oil, and beard butter.

Beard Wash

Whether your bearded man is freshening up for a night out or a day in the office, we have a beard wash fragrance to match his lifestyle. For the busy CEO’s and other white-collar workers, we have The Executive. The Executive fragrance is a balanced blend of leather, vanilla, and cedar that will let everyone know who's boss.

For those men who love to be out in nature (hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.) The American beard wash will make them feel as though they are walking through the woods even when they’re just relaxing on the couch at home. With this blend of Cedar, Pine, Vetiver, and Bergamot you will never feel far from nature. These are only two of our amazing Beard Wash fragrances. Choose a fragrance that you and your man will love, that way you both can enjoy his new gift.

Beard Oil

You will see that the application of our all-natural beard oil comes in second place on our 3-Step Beard Care System. The purpose of our beard oil is to keep the skin under your beard at its healthiest through daily use. The natural ingredients of our beard oil include Argan, Jojoba, Grapeseed, and Natural oils for fragrance.

Beard Butter

The last and final step in our 3-step beard care system involves the application of our beard butter. This will condition his beard while also allowing him style and shape his beard however he pleases. Your man's life will never be the same once he tries our beard butter for the first time and discovers that it will hold the style of his beard in place all day long.

Growth Bundle Legend

Growth Bundle Beard Kit

Not all beards grow the same way, and we understand that. With our Beard Growth Bundle, unlock your beards full potential and grow the longest, thickest, and healthiest beard of your life. This bundle includes the beard wash with your fragrance of choice, beard oil, beard butter, and our one of a kind Beard Boost.

After going through all three steps of our 3-step Beard Care System we throw in a bonus step for our beard boost with guaranteed results.

Who Needs the Beard Boost Bundle?

For those men who may grow spotty beards that are on the thinner end of the spectrum or men who have a thick, full beard but want to take it up a notch. Our unique Beard Boost vitamin formula is guaranteed to give you the thickest, fullest, healthiest beard you’ve ever had. Of course, made with all-natural ingredients, just like the rest of our products.

Our Beard Boost vitamins come in a bottle of 60 tablets, with directions to take 2 tablets daily. If you’re interested in learning more about the ingredients you can check out the label here.

Total Beardsman American

Total Beardsman Beard Kit

Our Total Beardsman Beard Kit was crafted with the truest of beard enthusiasts in mind. This bundle includes all of the basic necessities of optimal beard care – beard wash (in your fragrance of choice), beard butter, and our best-selling beard oil. You will also receive one of our all-natural wooden beard combs, a boar's hairbrush, mustache wax, and a bottle of our specially formulated beard boost tablets.

The reviews of this bundle speak for themselves. Our customers rave over this all-inclusive beard care bundle.

In this bundle, you will also receive a tube of our all-natural mustache wax for an all-day hold. You spend so much time every morning styling your mustache to perfection, our mustache wax will ensure that you look holds from the time you set it in the morning to the time you shower at night before bed.

Set the look and ensure not a hair is out of place with our boar’s hair comb or wood beard comb, both of which are included, exclusively in this bundle.

Don't stop there! You're already getting the bearded man in your life the ultimate beard care kit, with everything beard care-related they could ever need. Grab them some Live Bearded merch to complete the look with a couple of our t-shirts or a baseball cap!

 Essentials Beard Kit Wingman

The Essentials Beard Kit

Keep it simple with our Essentials Beard Kit. Perfect for your more conservative bearded friend or loved one who believes that less is more. Everything in our Essentials Kit provides him will the necessary tools to keep his beard moisturized, healthy, and perfectly styled every day.

After applying a healthy dose of beard oil, finish off the look with our all-natural beard butter. Our unique, all-natural formula was designed to lock in moisture, and tame any fly-aways all day long.

Basics Beard Kit Straight Up

The Basics Beard Kit

This is a great gift for someone new to the beard grooming game. Their beard might be rough or dry due to using the wrong products, or just products that just weren't specially formulated for beards like our products are.

First, they will revive their beard with our all-natural beard wash that comes in a variety of fragrances, for all men, blue or white collar. Removing all dirt or debris from their busy day. Then they can follow that up with some of our popular beard oil, formulated to keep the skin and beard moisturized and healthy.

Every single one of our products come with a Lifetime warranty, allowing you to give the gift that keeps on giving. We also have a money-back guarantee, covered by our "better beard guarantee". If your gift isn't exactly what your man wanted or doesn't make his beard feel like a million bucks, you’ll get your money back. Although, we don’t think you’ll run into this problem with any of our beard kits.


Ladies, gentlemen, boy, girls, parents, siblings, sons, get the point.  Surprise the bearded man in your life with one of our beard kits as a gift for any occasion from birthdays, to Christmas, wedding, you name it. Nothing says "I care" like giving your man the gift of self-care, showing them that the things they do to make themselves feel good to make you feel good too. When it comes to buying gifts for men…men with beards…. our beard kits will be the way to their hearts every time!

And as always...LIVE BEARDED!