Quarantine Beard Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Spencer Bryce |

There are a lot of newly grown beards all around the world and of course, here at Live Bearded, we love seeing this! To all of you out there who grew a quarantine beard, welcome to the beard side!

Growing and grooming a seriously impressive beard takes just a bit of work, and we've noticed a lot of these new beards not quite being sure what to do.

Here at Live Bearded, our mission is to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best, so we wanted to outline some of the mistakes we're seeing in hopes they can help YOU avoid making them yourself. 

And for those of you who had a beard prior to quarantine, pay attention, these mistakes are pretty commonly made by guys so you may be guilty of them too.

Not Combing or Brushing Your Beard

I feel like I sound like your mom nagging you when you were a child to double or triple-check that you brushed your teeth (or maybe that was just me?)

Well, now it's my turn to check on you...

"Did you comb your beard"???

Seriously though, did you?

It may seem ridiculous, but it's amazing how many guys don't carry a quality beard comb with them and keep their beard combed throughout the day. We're talking about the hair on your face, front, and center for the world to see. You need to keep it organized.

Grooming a seriously impressive beard might take a little more effort than this, but if you did absolutely nothing else with your beard but 1 thing, running some water through it and combing or brushing it so all the hairs are going in the same direction will make a huge improvement on your beard and how you look.

If your beard is new or on the shorter side, we recommend using a Boar Hair Beard Brush to really train the hairs and get them to lay down. The boar brush has thousands of firm bristles that will bring circulation to the skin which can actually help improve beard growth. 

boar hair beard brush

As your beard grows out slightly longer, a wooden beard comb will quickly become something you don't want to be without. The different a simple comb can make can be all the difference between landing that job, or getting that date.

You think that's extreme? Well, it really is THAT important. Keeping your beard organized and laying down really is that important, so don't go too long without checking in on your beard and making sure it's looking good. 

beard comb

Lining Up Your Beard

There is one thing you can do to instantly transform your beard from looking like a disheveled lazy mess to an identifiable and respected beard, and that is a simple line up.

A lot of quarantine beards have grown free which is great, but once you get a solid foundation of growth, the best thing you can do is give your beard definition by defining your beard lines.

Beard Cheek Line

The easiest line to get is the top or cheek line. This area is best kept natural and as high as possible. The idea is to trim away any hairs that grow above the bulk of your beard. You can use a razor if you prefer, but a good set of beard trimmers will work great too.

Beard Back Line

The back line of your beard may be the hardest line to get right on your own, simply because it's hard to see. What I've found to be the most helpful to get this line right is to use a small handheld second mirror. You can pick one up for a few bucks from your local store or grab one on amazon, and it'll make your job a lot easier. 

You want this line to run off the back of your sideburn in a natural way to clean up any hairs that grow back towards the back of the neck. Everyone's preference is slightly different, but I personally like a straight line down to really shape the beard nice and tight. When you get to the corner, you can go for a round or square corner depending on what style you like best. Find some pictures of beards you like and study where the lines are before you start trimming.

Beard Neckline

The neckline of a beard is something that a lot of new beards get wrong. In the 90s, some might say chin straps were popular. Some others might argue that, but regardless a lot of guys were rockin' them. 

I don't recommend it, so to avoid a chin strap looking beard, trim your neckline where your beard connects to your head, NOT on your jawline. The extra neck hairs will give you a better foundation for a full beard which will come in handy as your beard grows to longer length.

If your beard appears thin when looking at it from the front, it might be because you've been trimming your neckline much too high!

Neckbeard Struggles

Everybody's beard grows at different speeds and where it grows fastest can vary from person to person. I will say though, that beard growth on the neck seems to be a common area for faster growth.

Many new quarantine beards, and just new beards in general, get pretty long on the neck and a small trim to even things out could make a huge impact.

I did a full write up on How to Trim a Neckbeard Into an Impressive Beard that covers it in detail if you are interested in learning more.

Patchy Beards

Your beard may look like it's coming in thin, but trust me, even the most impressive beards don't have hair follicles covering every inch of their face. What's important to know is that as your beard grows longer the hairs begin to cover up any areas that appear to be thin or patchy.

If you are growing a beard and feel your beard is on the patchy side, don't be too hard on yourself and give it some time. I'm willing to bet you'll be surprised at how much fuller it starts to look once you get some length on it.

Not Using Beard Products

If you've been growing a quarantine beard or if you're newly bearded in general, you probably aren't sure where to start when it comes to beard products and there is definitely no shortage of options out there.

If you're aren't quite sure what beard products really do, how they make a difference in your beard, and why you should use them daily, I'll break them down at a very high level. 

Beard Wash

We all know how important it is to stay clean, especially in light of everything going on right now. Keeping your beard clean is no different.

The difference comes in the type of wash you use. The skin on your face and beard hairs are very different than the rest of your body, so you need to use an all-natural beard wash that is designed specifically for your face and beard.

beard wash

We can't emphasize the all-natural element enough as you really don't want to use a harsh, synthetic wash or soap as it can cause serious dryness and ultimately damage your skin and beard leading to unhealthy, slow beard growth.

Beard Oil

One of the first things you'll likely notice when you grow a beard is dry, itchy, irritated skin. The reason your beard "itches" is because your skin is dry. It could be partially caused by using the wrong wash as I explained above, but a big part of it is because your beard hairs pull the oil away from your face in attempt to stay healthy.

Your face produces oil naturally called sebum oil, but as you grow a beard you don't have enough natural sebum production to keep your beard AND skin moisturized. That's where an all-natural beard oil comes into play.

beard oil

Beard oil exists to moisturize your SKIN, to give your beard a healthy environment to grow in which will result in better beard growth. By keeping the skin moisturized, you'll also avoid the painful beard itch and irritation which will keep you from caving into the temptation to shave.

We recommend an all-natural beard oil that closely mimics your natural oils so that it absorbs quickly and doesn't sit on the surface of your skin and beard. You can learn more about our specially formulated all-natural beard oil here.

Beard Butter

When it comes to controlling crazy beard hairs from pointing in every direction, you need a product that will not only soften the hairs to make them more manageable, but also have enough hold to keep them in place. That's where Beard Butter comes into play. 

No different than styling your head hair to look presentable, you want to style your beard. As your beard gets longer, you'll need a little help to keep it in place which is why beard butter exists. 

beard butter

It's a deep conditioner for your beard that will make your beard soft to the touch and smell fantastic, but it also has a light/medium hold to keep it looking great all day long.

We recommending using the 3 products daily and it really only needs to take a few minutes of your time. Your beard will look, feel, smell, and grow better than ever.

If you want to see a full explanation and demonstration on how they work, you can check out our 3 Step Beard Routine For An Impressive Beard.

Have Patience

The biggest thing I've been hearing from guys growing a beard is how they wish it grew faster. Trust me, I've been there.

You likely set out on your beard growth journey with the expectations of achieving a certain look or style. Once you have that style in your head, you want it NOW, because, well, that's how most people are these days. 

A beard takes time, though! And it's because it takes time and commitment that makes it even better when you do achieve a certain look or length.

So if you're growing a quarantine beard or a new beard in general, have some patience and just know that it's worth the wait!

A beard grows, on average, 1/2 inch per month, so if there is a certain length you are going for just do the math and add a little bit of time to be safe. Everybody's beard grows at different speeds so your growth may take longer. So just keep that in mind and you'll be there before you know it.

Final Thoughts

Everybody's beard journey is unique and different, so if you are experiencing something different or are unsure about what you need to do to keep yourself looking and feeling good, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

Our mission is to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best, so let us know what we can do to help you.

If you haven't tried our beard products yet I invite you to do so. We proudly make them in the USA and back everything by a 365-day guarantee. Bottom line, we've got your back no matter what.

And as always,

Live Bearded, Brother!