The Story Behind "Broga"

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Introducing Broga...

Sometimes things are well thought out, taking days, weeks, or even months of careful planning and preparation. And sometimes, you just gotta fly by the seat of your pants when inspiration hits!

That's exactly how "Broga" was born. Whenever we get together with our team and get outside of the office, there seems to be an added level of energy, creativity, and excitement that takes place.

Put a bunch of bearded dudes together and send them on an adventure and crazy sh*t is guaranteed to happen. As you're about to see, that's exactly what happened here.  Side note, have I ever told you how much I freakin' love my job! 

Here's how it went down, it was Friday, June 22nd and we were on location in Castle Rock, CO for Beer'd Fest. It was around 9:30 am and Jon, Spencer, Pete, Ryan and I were on our way home after a team workout at the gym when one of the guys mentioned "yoga."

Something about girls, yoga pants, downward dog, and how we should find a class to go to. I've got no idea why we thought it was a good idea. 😜 One thing led to another when one of the guys said, "If we rolled into yoga with 5 big bearded dudes, we'd scare the chicks away and we'd be stuck there doing BROGA!" 

We all laughed and agreed. Then one of the guys said, "If we're gonna do broga, we might as well get the rest of the team, grab some pizza and beers and make a damn video!" 

The car went silent, and we all just looked at each other. You know the look, that look that says, "HOLY SH*T, that's genius!" We began brainstorming ideas. Ryan is our resident hippie and loves yoga so he could definitely lead the class and make it look official.

We had empty pizza boxes and a case of beer left over from the night before. The ideas were flying, we could actually pull this off! Then we looked at Jon (our camera wizard) and asked him if we had enough time to pull it off with everything else we had planned for the day.

"Hell ya, let's do it!" he said. 

Spence was driving and pulled a strong U-ey in the middle of an intersection so we could go to Wal-Mart and grab some ridiculous outfits to wear. We decided it would be OVER-THE-TOP ridiculous if we were all wearing white Hanes tank tops and white short shorts! 

I mean, if it's worth doing, sometimes it's worth overdoing! We decided we needed to go big or go home with this one and clearly, we choose to go big! Keep in mind, none of the other guys at the house had a clue what was about to go down.

In hindsight, I think that was half the fun! The look on their faces when we got home and showed them the outfits they were gonna wear was PRICELESS! We were like, "guys, we came up with a new video idea on the way home from the gym" and this is what you're gonna wear.

The look on their faces said it all, "you've gotta be F'in kidding me!" After some slight convincing everyone agreed it would be hilarious and we headed out to the backyard. 

As you will see in the "behind the scenes" below, we had a blast making this video. We literally laughed so hard we cried, it was hilarious! Making a video like this is a ton of fun, but it can also be really tough. 

It's tough because there is a fine line between making a video you have fun making, and one that is actually funny. Sometimes, when you have so much fun making a video, it's really tough to gauge if anyone outside of the set will actually like it. 

The moral of the story is when inspiration hits, at times you've just gotta roll the dice, push the limits, shoot and edit the footage and hit publish to see what happens.

Like anything in life, success is a series of failures and obstacles that ultimately lead to success if you're willing to learn, grow and find ways to improve.

Behind The Scenes

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed watching the video, reading this post and checking out the BTS footage half as much as we enjoyed making the video. If you did, then I'd say it was a job well done! 

We'd love to hear your honest feedback. Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think. Have an amazing day brother, and let us know if you need anything, we are here to support you any way we can. Call, email or instant message us anytime. 

Until next time, Live Bearded brother!