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Anthony Mink |

Keepin' It Real

One of our favorite things about Live Bearded is the brotherhood, connecting with guys, answering questions and supporting one another.

There is nothing better than hanging out with guys and answering questions in real time. Every week we give away free stuff, answer questions and share updates from the company. 

We pride ourselves on keepin' it real, being straight up and holding each other accountable to "Do Better" every day! Check us out on FB and keep an eye out for us going LIVE. Here's a little preview...   

Free Sh*t Friday

We love hooking you guys up so we created "Free Sh*t Friday" and on Fridays or Mondays or any day we feel like it, we go LIVE and give away free stuff! Turn your FB notifications and keep an eye out for a chance to win.


Sometimes you just gotta be wild, do crazy stuff and have a little fun! That's why we love going LIVE and being a little ridiculous! Be sure to keep an eye out for the shenanigans! 


Every Thursday we love going LIVE at 5 PM PST to hang out, break bread, and answer questions.

Beard Talk

Got beard questions? Need some grooming help? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Every week Spencer, our CBO (chief beard officer) goes live to answer your questions and share grooming tips, tricks, and product advice. 

Beard Trims 

Did you know barbers are not trained on how to trim beards!? It's crazy, but true therefore we find trusted barbers and share trimming advice to help you avoid losing months, or years of growth because of a trimming mistake. 

Final Thoughts

Our mission at live bearded is to help you look, feel, and be your best, and for us, that means helping you with your beard and beyond! Join us on Facebook and keep an eye out for our LIVES. 

And if you have any questions, you can call, email, or instant message us anytime. We are here to help support you and that beard anyway we can. Live Bearded brother.