Delicious Protein Shake Recipe

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Pete Migneault |

While everyone is stuck at home, here is a quick, healthy, delicious protein shake recipe that I make every single day.  It's way better than eating an unhealthy breakfast and will get your day started with a protein-packed nutritious bang.  Let's get into it!

Step 1

Water - I use 2 cups of water for this recipe.  If you're going to add additional ingredients, be sure to account for them with extra water or your shake may turn into thick, un-drinkable mud.  Once your water is in the blender, turn the blender on it's lowest setting to prepare for the rest of your ingredients.

Step 2

Greens - Most people, including me, don't get nearly the amount of greens they should through their daily diet.  Greens are essential for good health, so I add Amazing Grass Green Superfood to my shakes.  I use the chocolate flavor because it meshes well with the rest of the ingredients I use.  

Step 3

Fiber - Fiber is great for digestion and will give you super smooth deuces, like clockwork.  I use 1tsp of Anthony's Psyllium Husk Powder every morning in my shakes to keep the train running smooth.  It works, just don't take too much. 

Step 4

Collagen - Collagen has a multitude of benefits from joint health, to bones, to hair, to nails, to skin.  Because I am active and have a crappy knee, I add it to my shakes to help keep my joints as healthy as possible.  The powder I use is Sports Research Collagen Peptides.

Step 5

Banana - Take a whole banana and drop it in the blender.  Bananas are packed with nutrition that have a variety of benefits.  Don't believe me?  Just Google it.

Step 6

Raw Egg - For additional clean protein gains.  Pretty simple and straightforward.  Don't believe me?  Go ask Arnold and The Hulkster.

Step 7

Peanut Butter - Try to get good quality peanut butter that is low in sugar.  The stuff I use can be found at Costco.  I add 1tbs to my shakes, but this is all your preference.  Peanut butter does have some nutritional benefits as well, but I mostly use it for flavor.

Step 8

Protein Powder - I change my protein powders up every few months because I usually get tired of using the same one.  I try to stick to Plant Based Protein Powders  typically, but right now I am using Oatmeal Chocolate Chip - Redcon1 MRE Lite.  It is animal based, good quality, and tastes amazing.  

Whatever protein you use, read the ingredients.  Common sense will tell you whether or not you're using a good quality protein.  If it is loaded with artificial sweeteners, garbage fillers, and chemicals you can't pronounce, throw it away.

Additional Bonus

Coconut Oil(1tbs), Hemp Seeds(1 serving), Avocado(1/4).  If you can toss these in, they are all very good for you too.  I was out of them when I shot the video, but I typically add them as well.  

Step 9

Ice - 4 cubes will get the job done.  It'll be cold enough to feel good, but not freeze your brain.

After step 9, jack the blender up and watch it spin.  Once you take down the speed, minimize the bubbles at the top before drinking.  I also take a men's multivitamin and a liver cleanse supplement while drinking my shake too.  

And there you have it.  A nutritional, delicious, vitamin packed protein shake to start your day with.  Don't fall victim to the Quarantine 15.  Instead, come out of it stronger, leaner, and healthier than you've ever been.

Live Bold, Live Healthy, Live Bearded.