Do You Need a Night Beard Grooming Routine?

Spencer Bryce |

If you rock a beard, then you should know that maintaining a well-groomed and healthy beard requires more than just letting it grow wild.

A proper beard grooming routine is essential for keeping your facial hair in top shape.

But should you ONLY be grooming in the morning, or should you consider a night beard grooming routine as well?

In this video, I'll explain why you might consider a small change to how you finish your night to help improve the way your beard looks, feels, and grows.

Now, it's probably pretty obvious, but before we jump in, it's important to note that your night routine will vary on whether you shower at night or not.

For me, 90% of the time I do NOT shower at night, but I do still have a nighttime routine, and it's one that I recommend for you to follow.

If you don't shower at night:

First, I wash my face and then use water to wash my beard in my bathroom sink. I'm not using a beard wash here, but rather just rinsing my beard with water.

From there, I'll towel dry my beard to get about 90% of the water out.

Now what we're really looking to do in the evening is to add moisture to the beard hairs, so lastly I'll snag my Nightcap Leave-In Deep Conditioner and work it into my beard.

If you don't have Nightcap, you could also substitute beard butter, however I much prefer the Conditioner because of how well it absorbs into the beard hairs, plus it has therapeutic grade essential oils and the fragrance profile is extremely calming which I love before bed to help me wind down.

We use tea tree, lavender, and nag champa which have been shown to improve sleep and relaxation, and decrease stress.

It also has CBD which has been shown to help improve hair growth while making your hair follicles softer and stronger, so it's a great product to have soaking into your beard all night long.

If you shower at night:

Now for those of you who shower, the only difference will be in how you wash your beard.

If you're a shower at night only kinda guy, then wash and condition your beard in the shower, then towel dry and apply Nightcap just the same as I mentioned.

If you shower twice a day, well, good for you. You don't need to wash and condition your beard both times so dealers choice here.

With this addition to your nightly routine, you may need to modify your morning to ensure you rise out the conditioner.

Morning routine consideration:

For me, I rinse my beard with water only, then comb it out and hit the gym and shower after to go through my full routine of wash, conditioner, oil, and butter to be ready for the day.

Now, you may be wondering...

What Beard Length Needs a Night Beard Grooming Routine?

The truth is, this gets more and more important the longer your beard gets. If you're keeping your beard tight, you don't really need to worry about this.

But for me, if my beard is this long or longer, I highly recommend you work it into your routine.

Final Thoughts:

I hope you found this information helpful. Give it a shot and see how it can help elevate your beard game.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, reach out anytime and we are here to help.

And always, Live Bearded, Brother!