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Does Beard Growth Oil Really Work?

Now when it comes to beard growth products, or finding ways to get better beard growth, there are no shortage of products that make some hefty claims. From beard growth oil to beard growth vitamins, there are plenty of options, and with so much BS out there it's hard to know what's true. 

I'm here to tell you there are NO beard products out there that will grow new hair follicles where you don't currently have them. Sure, Minoxidil (Rogaine) has been used lately to promote new growth, but it's not permanent and frankly I wouldn't advise it to anyone. 

Without getting into all the options out there, I want to focus on the primary question at hand...

Does Beard Growth Oil Really Work?

Before I tell you whether it does or not, you need to understand why beard oil is effective in the first place. Beard oil consists of carrier oils like Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Grape Seed Oil. These oils are what moisturize your skin under your beard to eliminate any beard itch or irritation. The beard oil will keep the skin healthy which will then help with better beard growth. 

The second primary ingredient in beard oil are the essential oils. These oils are the reasons your beard can smell like you're sitting next to a campfire or walking through a citrus grove! The primary benefit your beard is to make it smell absolutely fantastic!

beard growth oil

So what is the difference between beard growth oil and regular beard oil?

That is a really good question! 

I did a whole lot of digging and tried to find some of the best beard growth oil on the market. I was pretty unimpressed once I actually got past the label and the claims that it is in fact a beard growth oil. 

The first thing you want to do is look at the ingredients. What is in the oil that is actually going to help with beard growth? If you're not familiar with some of the known vitamins, I've put together a list of the best that are backed with research:


Biotin - will make a drastic impact on the amino acids involved in protein synthesis which will promote beard (hair and nail as well) growth.

Caffeine extract - can access the hair roots to stimulate them to grow.

Vitamin A - helps with overall hair health and improves blood circulation, which greatly promotes hair health and regeneration.

Vitamin B6 - assists in red blood cell production and promotes hair growth.

Vitamin C - works as an antioxidant to fight oxidative stress which contributes to graying and hair loss.

Vitamin D - helps with calcium homeostasis, immune regulation and cell growth. This simply means it will help improve your hair growth.

Vitamin E - can increase circulation to the scalp.

Zinc - benefits hair follicle health and acts as a potent inhibitor of hair follicle regression. Protein and Iron - your hair is made up of proteins (keratin), so protein and iron strengthen the structure and growth of hair follicles.

Fish Oil - Omega 3 fats nourish the hair, support hair thickening and reduce inflammation that can lead to hair loss.

What Makes Beard Growth Oil Different?

Like I mentioned above, I devoured the internet to find some beard growth oils and only found a couple with any ingredients that could help with beard growth. The only vitamin I found was Vitamin E  which can in fact help with circulation to the scalp. If it has an adequate amount of vitamin E, this could help bring circulation to the face and help with growth (assuming it has a proper amount in the formulation!).

The bottom line, read the ingredient list diligently and make sure you know what you are putting onto your face and beard! If it doesn't have ingredients listed that are known to help with hair growth, it's likely a regular beard oil being marketed as a beard growth miracle. Check the ingredients, read the reviews and make your best judgement. 

Final Thoughts

If you're really looking for beard growth, I would recommend a beard growth vitamin so you know with 100% certainty what amount of each vitamin you are getting. You can check out ours and read the reviews to see how it's helped tons of guys. There are tons of other options out there as well, just do your research and look into the ingredients. 

If you have any questions about beard products or anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on everything we do and are always here to help however we can.