Dry Winter Beard Solutions

Nathan Daggett |

As the leaves change, and the temperature falls we know it is time for a few things, family gatherings, Holiday celebrations, and cold weather with dry air!

Now I know that it may seem like winter weather should be easier on your beard, but that just isn't the case. 

Not only is the cold air typically more dry, but with the cold air comes indoor heating, which is most definitely dry. The combination of these two things can leave your beard drier than an Arizona summer.

Cold weather also means you are more likely to take a nice hot shower, which further increases the likelihood of stripping the oils from your skin and beard.


Now there are a few different ways to tackle the problems associated with winter and your beard, and the first one is to try to Minimize outdoor exposure.

The added windchill factor outside, combined with already colder temperatures increases the likelihood of drying out your beard and face.

Now we aren't saying stay inside,  huddled in a pile of blankets by the fireplace to protect your beard, the wilderness must be explored, and like many of you some of our favorite activities are outside, and there are some solutions to help on days where the outdoors are calling.

On normal days all you need is a standard wash, conditioner, oil, and butter combo, but on days where you will be outside we have 3 recommendations to help protect your beard.

1. Beard conditioner is great to help lock in moisture, and protect your beard. Consider letting the conditioner soak on your beard for a few extra minutes in the shower.

2. This time of year may require a little extra beard oil to keep your beard from drying out, for me this usually means a second application mid-day.

3. Now this one is arguably the most important, and that is use a leave-in deep conditioner at night! Not only is it going to give your beard some much needed extra protection during the winter, but it is perfect for your head hair as well!

Now I know as men we often want to be able to set it and forget it, but unfortunately when it comes to keeping your beard healthy in the winter, that just isn't the case.

Thank you all for your support, and we hope your winter is filled with fun and a healthy beard! If you have any questions comment below or you can always email us support@livebearded.com.