Everything You Need To Know About Beard Wash

Spencer Bryce |

If you're not sure why Beard Wash exists or how it's different than your typical soap or shampoo, you've come to the right place. 

It may be obvious, but Beard Wash is designed to clean your beard. But what's important to break down is why it does a much better job than other hair and body cleaning products out there.

Beard Hair Vs. Head Hair

Your beard hairs are much different than the hair on your head, and the hair on your body. The same is true for the skin on your face vs your scalp and body. Because of this, you want to use a soap that is designed to work with what you are using it on.

Body washes and bar soaps are great to scrub away your hard days work from your body as they will strip away any grime and leave your body clean. Most of them will also, unfortunately, leave your skin very dry. If you use these products on your beard, the impact is only more severe. 

These harsher soaps will dry out your beard and face and can cause quite a bit of damage if left too dry. Yes sure, you could apply extra beard oil to repair your skin and get it moisturized, and apply extra beard butter to condition the hairs back to healthy, but this will only require the use of more products.

beard products

Instead, using an all-natural beard wash will give you the cleanse you need without stripping away all the oils as these other soaps do. The result will be a much healthier beard that requires less beard oil and beard butter to remain conditioned and growing strong and healthy.

How often should you wash your beard?

One of the biggest questions we get is how often should I wash my beard? Unfortunately, there isn't really a universal answer here as it really depends on how dirty you get.

I personally get really sweaty at the gym and spend as much time as I can outdoors, so because of this I wash my beard daily. If you work outside, sweat a lot, or are in environments where you get dirty, I'd recommend washing your beard daily as well. 

Our beard wash is all-natural, so it's perfectly safe to wash daily. After you wash, apply your beard oil under your beard to moisturize your skin, then finish with a little beard butter to condition and style your beard. Just a few minutes and you'll look and feel better than ever. 

If you work indoors and don't hit the gym or spend time getting dirty, that's ok too! You can likely go every few days between washing which will save you time and a little coin.

Final Thoughts

Beard grooming doesn't need to be difficult. We are here to make it as easy as possible so if you have any questions about this or anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. 

If you haven't given us a try, I invite you to do so. Our products are 100% all-natural, made right here in the USA, and backed by a LIFETIME guarantee.