Exclusive First Friday Preview

Nathan Daggett |

November Tee: Remember Everyone Deployed

Check out this year's Remember Everyone Deployed Tee!

For those of you not familiar with R.E.D. let me give you a quick breakdown.

This very moment there close to 200k US troops deployed overseas. Keeping them close to our hearts is what birthed the R.E.D. movement. R.E.D. stands for remember everyone deployed, and it is simple, on Fridays we wear R.E.D. until they all come home!

Supplies are extremely limited on this Tee, and last year it sold out fast, so make sure to grab yours while supplies last.

What is First Friday?

On the first Friday of every month we are dropping one new, limited-edition shirt design. This gives us the opportunity to focus all of our attention on one design per month and you wouldn't have to choose between multiple designs you love. 

We will drop you an email on the first Friday of every month and you can decide if that design is for you. If it is, grab it while it's in stock. If not, keep an eye out for the new design the next month. 

Say goodbye to the days of having to pick between only getting one design or having your wife side-eye you for the package of 5 shirts that showed up in the mail, and say hello to First Friday with Live Bearded!