Fragrance Feature: 1880

Spencer Bryce |

1880: Bourbon, Sweet Citrus, Bitters

This fragrance is one of our best-selling fragrances and my personal favorite of our full-time fragrances, but it didn't start out that way.

1880 was a limited-edition seasonal fragrance that was loved so much that it was demanded to be brought into our full-time lineup. So we did!

If you haven't tried 1880 yet, here's what to expect.

It's inspired from an old fashioned drink which primary ingredients include, bourbon, bitters, and an orange slice or peel.

We wanted to make sure this fragrance didn't just smell like you've been throwing back whiskey all day so we emphasized the citrus, and added the smell of bourbon and bitters to balance out this incredible fragrance.

This fragrance is sweet, smooth, and a great fragrance year round.

If you haven't given it a shot yet, I highly recommend you giving it a try!

It's offered across our product line: 1880 Kits, Beard Oil, Beard Butter, Beard Wash, Beard Conditioner, Mustache Wax, and Soap

Thanks for your support and as always...

Live Bearded, Brother!

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1880 is the best but I like them all

  • Gene Anderson

Hey brothers, are you going to bring back Maui? My wife loves that smell and I am running out. I think I bought it like 2 years back. I got a lot of the other scents too since then hence me still having Maui, but that and clause are our favs and they were both seasonal. You brought 1880 in the product line, how about Maui?

  • David Blanton

Hey peeps I don’t remember the beard wash and conditioner that already ordered but definitely like it!
I was wondering about some oil and butter in that same smell?

  • Robert Martin

After trying all the fragrances in the sample pack, I fell in love with 1880 as well. While I have others on standby, 1880 is my every day go to scent!

  • Scott D. McPherson

I’ve tried many different companies, but this is now my go to. I’ve finally found my forever company.

  • Andrew "Smokey" Meyrick

1880 is my favorite products you developed.

  • Don Whippie