Fragrance Feature: American

Nathan Daggett |


The scent profile on this fragrance is cedar, vetiver, and bergamot, and all of that comes together is a bold, woodsy yet sweet scent that smells like a campfire.

If you haven't tried this fragrance yet, I highly recommend it! It is available across our entire lineup including beard oil, beard butter, beard wash, beard conditioner, mustache wax, bar soap, and all of our beard kits.

Drop us a comment and let us know why you love this scent!

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First sent I tried out of my sample pack. Will Definitely be getting it again!

  • Andy

I first tried American in a trial pack and was sold. I had to come back and get more oil and butter. This is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for the great products.

  • Mark Warner

American has been my favorite scent since day 1. Tombstone a close 2nd. Thanks for the video. Stay well & stay safe, Live Bearded.

  • Lennie Deveau

American was AWESOME until y’all changed it. I believe it was the Pine, you deleted and in my opinion made it awful. I still have some of the original American, and it smells soooooo amazing!!

  • Doug

I ordered a sample pack and this is the scent my wife and I liked the most. I have had a beard for over 35 years and these are the best products I have found to take of my beard.

  • John Grigg