MUSIC VIDEO: Friends With Hairy Faces

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Anthony Mink |

Introducing the world premiere of Friends With Hairy Faces...

To see the version with captions, click here

As we were preparing for Beer'd Fest 2018, a few guys on our team (Nathan, Dustin and Adam) had the idea of using the event to make a parody music video. It sounded like an awesome idea since there would be a couple hundred people at the event, and we could use the bar, stage, etc for a great setting. 

As they played around with ideas, songs, and lyrics the idea for "Friends With Hairy Faces" started to take shape. Nathan, Dustin and Adam went back and forth on lyrics for a couple weeks and the song really came together. 

Once they had the lyrics finalized, Dustin asked his buddy Eric Metz, a singer, and songwriter if he would lay the track in his studio. He agreed and absolutely crushed it!

From there, it was off to Castle Rock, CO to host Beer'd Fest 2018 with our friends at Burly Brewing Co. so we could bring this baby to life. Hosting an event is never easy and there is always an endless amount of things that need to be done. So, shooting an entire music video on top of everything that goes into hosting an event is no small task. 

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure we would be able to pull everything off, but our team came together with the help of so many at the event, and we were able to make it happen. 

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this video possible, everyone who attended Beer'd Fest 2018, our co-hosts and friends at Burly Brewing Co and our brother Eric Metz for recording an amazing track for us! 

Behind The Scenes

Here are the full lyrics and some fun behind the scenes footage of us making the video! 

Well, I grew out my roots,
Started taking Beard Boost,
And grew out my facial hair.
So let that beast grow,
Don’t be the last one to know,
That Live Bearded can help you get there!

I saw the surprise,
And the love in her eyes,
When she saw my beard was this long.
I heard that you,
Said beards would never be cool,
But you’ve never been so wrong.

‘Cause I got friends with hairy faces,
Where the oil drowns and the butter chases the itch away,
Even if you’ve gone gray.
Well, I'm not big on shaven faces,
Grow your beard out long to get in my good graces,
Oh, I’ve got friends, with hairy faces.

Well, I guess you were wrong,
You just don’t belong,
In a world with no facial hair.
It just isn’t right,
There is no delight,
When nobody stops or stares.

We didn’t mean,
To make your girl scream,
About how much she loves hairy men.
We’ll buy the next beer,
Show you how to get here,
Let your journey begin.

‘Cause I got friends with hairy faces
Where the oil drowns and the butter chases the itch away
Even if you’ve gone gray.
Well I'm not big on shaven faces
Grow your beard out long to get in my good graces
Oh, I’ve got friends, with hairy faces.

Did you say ringtone?

Check this out, our brother Dustin thought it would be an awesome idea to make a couple ringtones out of the song, and well, we agreed! It's a freaking awesome idea and now you can. Just hit the download button and you can grab the chorus and the ending of the song for your new ringtone. Enjoy! 

Final Thoughts

Thank God Eric agreed to record the track for us, based on that BTS footage you might have gone deaf if you had to listen to us sing for 3 minutes! LOL I hope you enjoyed the video, and the ringtones! 

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of the song and the behind the scenes footage! Do you like it? Should we do more stuff like this? Please share your honest feedback as we love finding new and fun ways to entertain, educate and support this brotherhood. 

As always, Live Bearded brother!