Hiking for Beginners

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Pete Migneault |

What's up gentlemen..and ladies?  Here are some beginner hiking tips to get you outta the house and onto the trails during this interesting time when nothing is open.

Tip 1: Stay Light

It is not necessary to pack a hiking bag like you're going out of the country for 7 days.  If you are going on a short to medium distance hike, pack light.  Typically a bottle of water and a protein bar(if you need one) will get the job done.  Drink water only when you feel like you need to, not every 5 minutes and you'll be just fine.  Drinking too much water can bog you down and make you feel bloated anyways, so less is more in that area.  Carrying too much extra weight can make your hike go from fun to miserable really fast.  Take the bare minimum essentials you need to get the job done and you'll have a much more enjoyable and faster hike.  Your body will thank you too.

Tip 2: Comfortable Shoes

I can't stress this one enough.  I see people on the trails in cowboy boots, Vans, flip flops, Chuck Taylors, ect.  Talk about bringing misery upon yourself.  If you wanna be comfortable and enjoy your hikes, invest in a nice pair of trail runners or shoes made for hiking.  I lean heavily towards trail runners because they are typically way more comfortable and lighter than hiking boots/shoes, but to each his own.  Regardless of which way you go, your shoes are arguably the most important tool for hiking, and if your shoes are uncomfortable you will likely hate hiking.

Tip 3: Hydration

This one is pretty obvious but I'll say it anyway, HYDRATE.  You should be hydrating every single day regardless, but if you're gonna hike it is extra important.  You do not wanna be out on the trails trying to get a nice hike in if you dehydrated, dizzy, swollen, and feeling like poop.  Try to get at least 80 ounces of water down THE DAY BEFORE you hike, and you will have more energy and a much more enjoyable hike.

Tip 4: Clothing

Another one that may seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people I see hiking in jeans, polo shirts, non-breathable pants, sweaters, winter beanies, bulky ass outfits, etc.  If you're in a freezing cold environment, by all means, dress warm. But with that being said, simply dress for your environment. 

Once you start hiking, your body is going to heat up fast and you're going to start sweating.  If you have a ton of heavy clothing on you're going to want to peel it off asap.  So rather than overdressing for the occasion and then being stuck lugging around all the clothes you took off, simply dress smart.  Gear up knowing you're going to get hot within 20 minutes of hiking.  Typically some light pants or shorts with a light t-shirt and a light long sleeve will get the job done.  Once you get hot, you take off the long sleeve, tuck it in your pack or wrap it around your waist and you're good to go.

Enjoying a hike very largely has to do with comfort. Don't be your own worst enemy by overdressing and being uncomfortable. These are just 4 simple tips to get you outta the house and started on your hiking journey. I have plenty more, so if you'd like some more hiking tips, leave a comment below and I can shoot another video for you all.

And as always...Live Bearded!