How SEX Increases Beard Growth

Spencer Bryce |

We all want a bigger, fuller, better beard...There is no denying that.

But not all of us are bearded equally...

Some of us deal with patchiness, gaps and slow growth.

So what can you do to grow a better beard?


It's Science...
It’s Science...

Pogonologists(those who study beards) all agree that Testosterone is the hormone primarily responsible for the growth of body hair in men.

Increased levels of physical activity cause an increase in Testosterone levels.

This doesn't mean you can just go for a run and come back with a full beard. It doesn’t work quite that easily...

But when your body produces more Testosterone, it is released throughout your body, including your hair follicles which will get the message to work a littler harder and grow faster.

Studies show that there is a significant boost in Testosterone production after sexual activity. It has also been found that even the anticipation of sex can also increase your Testosterone levels.

Sex grows beards

Our Conclusion:

- Sex increases testosterone production
- Testosterone is responsible for beard growth
- Sex is an excellent way to grow a better beard

Sure you can increase your Testosterone levels by hitting the gym and exercising regularly which we recommend as well.

But you owe it to yourself to grow the best damn beard possible.

Get out there…increase your testosterone and grow a better beard!

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Live Bearded Brother!