How to Apply Beard Oil

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Pete Migneault |

What's up fellas?!  We get asked questions every day about...beards.  Shocking, I know.  We also notice patterns with questions when they start to form and we like to help any way we can. 

A question we get asked frequently is "How do I apply beard oil?".  To a well educated beardsman, this may seem like child's play, but for a brother brand new to the beard game, it is a very commonly asked question.  Well, let's get into it!

Wet Your Beard

Apply Beard Oil When Wet

I personally recommend applying beard oil to a wet and/or damp beard.  I always apply my beard oil after I get out of the shower, no matter what time of day it is.  On a day where I don't shower first thing in the morning, I always wash my face and get my beard wet in the morning so I can get a nice morning oil application in to start the day.

There are no laws stating when or how you need apply your oil, but I find it much easier to get into my skin when my beard is wet.  I have a very thick and curly beard, so it can be difficult to get through my beard when it's dry.  The beard oil also seems to massage in easier and give me more bang for the buck by covering more ground when my beard is wet.

Once I get it worked into my beard down to the skin(because beard oil is for your skin, not your beard), it is also much easier to comb and spread it around when my beard is wet.

So step one, before applying your oil, wash or wet your beard so it is wet or at least a little damp.

Get Your Beard Oil

Get Your Oil Ready to Apply

Alright, now that we got the ol' man mane watered down, it's time to get our beard oil ready to apply.  This is pretty simple stuff fellas.  Basically you just need to add your preferred amount of beard oil into the palm of your hands and rub your hands together so the oil is all over them.

The hardest part about this step is determining how much beard oil you want to use.  For shorter beards, less is definitely needed.  For bigger beards, more is needed. If you use too much beard oil for your size beard, you will definitely feel like a lubed up grease ball afterwards, so if you're unsure at first, use less and then increase as needed. 

I have a medium sized beard, and I like to use around 7 whacks of beard oil from on of our Live Bearded oil bottles.  If you use a dropper, it usually equals around 3/4 of a dropper full.  The more beard hair you have, the quicker the oil will be sucked up, so keep that in mind as you're figuring out how much to use.

Apply Your Beard Oil

Apply Your Beard Oil

Here we go, the time has come!  Fellas, don't overthink this, it's simple.  Now that our hands are lathered up in our smooth, silky, all natural, skin saving beard oil, it's time to apply. 

Dig your fingers and palms into your beard, down to your face and start rubbing that liquid gold in.  Almost as if you're washing your face under your beard with the beard oil.  Try to massage every inch of your skin underneath your beard with the oil.  Remember, beard oil is for your skin, not your beard.  We are trying to moisturize our skin with this application to help replace the natural oils we lose when our beards grow.

Once we have our skin thoroughly lubed up with our beard oil, it's time to wrap up the process with a nice beard comb. 

Comb In Your Beard Oil

Comb in Your Beard Oil

This is my favorite part! Go grab your classic wooden beard comb and glide that baby through your freshly oiled beard. Glide it left, right, up, down, and every which way you can. Be sure to apply a little pressure so the oil gets pushed into your skin. The added pressure on your skin will also help stimulate blood flow in your face which can help promote beard growth. I typically spend around a minute or so combing around the beard oil and getting my beard into place.

Want to learn more, check out our best beard oil guide.

Once you're satisfied with your oil application, wrap it up and get onto your next step, or on with your day! Next step you say? Yes, I absolutely have a next step in my process...stay tuned... ;)