How To Avoid A Bad Beard Trim At The Barber

Spencer Bryce |

Unfortunately getting a good beard trim isn't as easy as going to a barber shop and trusting their expertise. Truth is, they don't even teach beard trimming at barber school, so even if they are great at cutting hair, they may know nothing about beards.

Every single day we hear from you guys and the nightmare beard trims that go down at barber shops. And I know how painful that can be as I've been there too. You go in with an idea of what you want your beard trim to look like, and you leave pissed off having lost months of growth. You wasted your hard earned money, and the barber isn't exactly going to get your repeat business or referrals. It's a lose lose. 

If you're looking for a barber you can trust with your beard, follow these steps carefully to help find someone in your area you can trust to give you a great beard trim.

How To Get A Great Beard Trim From A Barber

1. Check out their work

In the world we live in today, just about every business shares the quality of their work on social media or their website. If you are looking for a barber who can give you a great beard trim, do your research on the shop first. Check out their website and follow their social media platforms to see the work they do. As you dig into their content, look for before/after pictures of their work. You want to make sure they are great with beards, and find examples of theirs that you like.

2. Find a specific Barber, not just a barber shop

Nearly every barber shop has multiple barbers that work there. Just because the shop has great reviews or advertises that they offer beard trims, doesn't mean everybody there knows how to trim a beard. Be very specific as to which barber you want to see. Take the time to research them as I mentioned and setup an appointment with that specific barber.

3. Ask For Referrals

If you know a guy or see a guy with a killer beard in your area, don't be afraid to ask him who he goes to. If he has a great beard barber, he'll be happy to share the contact with you. Again, make sure you ask about the shop, but more importantly who he sees at the shop as you want the specific barber, not just anybody who's working there.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words

I've heard this saying for as long as I can remember, and it's true. When you meet with your barber, pull your phone out and show him or her examples of the look you are going for. Is it faded on the cheeks? Is it boxed or rounded on the corners? These details make all the difference, so go in prepared with pictures of exactly what you're going for. 

5. Be extremely specific

Never sit in a barber chair and simply tell them to "clean you up". What does that even mean? If you want a half inch off, tell the barber you want a half inch. Show them exactly where you want the lines to be, don't just trust them to know what you're thinking.

Speak up and tell them exactly what you want, and don't be afraid to correct them if you notice they are not doing what you instructed. Trust me, it is in their best interest to give you a great trim otherwise you won't be coming back, and you won't be referring business to them. Your barber is a professional and he will appreciate and understand your communication.

Final Thoughts

Getting a quality beard trim shouldn't be as difficult as it is, but unfortunately that's just the way it is. As more and more beards go into barbershops, barbers are expanding on their skillset to cater to us beardsmen. It will continue to get better over time, but even then follow these steps to increase your odds of finding an awesome beard barber in your area. 

We are also compiling a beard barber list of referred barbers who know how to trim a beard well. Check it out to see if there is someone near you, and if you have a barber you'd like to add to the list let us know!

Live Bearded, Brother!