How to Trim and Style a Short Beard

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JP Harris |

Hey Brothers, JP here! In today's video, I am going even shorter so I can help show you guys how to trim a short beard! I'm doing so because many beardsmen around the world need to have a "professional beard" for work requirements or preferences. So I want to walk you through the process of how to trim a short beard and how you can maintain it!

Style Your Beard First:

Before any beard trimming starts, you want to wash and style your beard first. And when it comes to a beard of any length, you want to wash and moisturize it daily. We have covered all the reasons you should be using a proper beard wash, but if you haven't read up on why, it's simply because it will clean your beard and face, without drying and damaging your beard.

After you wash your beard, go through your daily beard grooming routine. For most guys (even short beards), that means apply your beard oil, and follow with your beard butter. Then grab your beard comb or beard brush and work your beard into place. From're ready to trim!


How to Trim a Short Beard:

After your beard is 100% ready to go, styled and product in, then we start to trim! 

Steps to trimming...


I always recommending starting with the Fly-aways. This will give you a great, clean, and solid base, before you need start taking length off. I see it like this; an artist needs a good canvas to create their masterpieces upon.  Trimming the fly-aways, gives you that clean canvas to create that epic that look you are after! We are not shaping your beard yet, just cleaning up the current beard!


Now it is time to shape your beard into what you are looking for! I would highly suggest to really know what you want before you start this phase, or at least a good idea of what the end game is gonna look like.

This will help you really get that beard that you want, without the searching for that wanted look as you cut and trim... that can lead to bearded disaster, like a beard free face... a smooth-skin.....NOOOOOO!!! 


When I trim my bottom beard, you can see that I am going slow!!  you can always take more off BUT, you can't put it back, so GO SLOW!!!  This total process can take up to an hour, sometimes a few breaks are good. Then your beard can have a moment to sit and rest!

How to Trim a Short Beard Recap:

  • Go SLOW, really take your time. 

  • Take off a little at a time, don't go all in, or all OFF... 

  • comb or brush in-between trimmer passes, this will allow your beard to rest and get those fly-aways to pop! 

  • This is a process that you need to adapt!  This is a process that you you can do weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.


So my brothers, remember as you trim your short beard (or any beard), this process will be less daunting as it becomes more of your daily routine.  So don't be afraid of maintaining that epic beard!! Even a short beard needs the love and respect that a beard of Wizard proportions does! You still need that epic goodness that only Live Bearded offers! Get your Beard Wash, Beard oil, and Beard Butter

Stay tuned for the next episode of JP's Corner!

Be Grateful, Do Better and Live Bearded Brother!