How to Fade Your Sideburns Into Your Beard

Spencer Bryce |

We all know how difficult beard trimming can be. Not wanting to jack up your hard earned whiskers leads to many beards that could use a little cleanup. Using high quality beard products will make a HUGE difference, but a quick trim is a great way to go that extra mile. So for those of you that don't want to trim your beard in terms of length but want to tidy it up a bit, I'm going to cover the most essential part of your beard to focus on, and teach you how to fade your sideburns into your beard

If you aren't quite sure a beard fade even means, you're not alone. Let me break it down for you:

Beard Fade

A fade is essentially a way to describe the gradual fading of length from short to long (or vise versa depending on how you look at it). What's so great about this is that it will allow you to have it short and clean around your sideburns, and gradually blend into your beard.

This technique is great for short beards, medium beards and even massive beards. The reason I suggest this to guys is that it's a great way to keep the areas around your cheeks tight, even if you want to let the bottom get a little wild.

You'll Need An Electric Beard Trimmer

To accomplish a beard fade, you really only need one tool (and a beard comb). I suggest a cordless beard trimmer but if yours has a cord, don't sweat it. What's most important are the guards that will set the length that your beard will be cut too. 

Beard Trimmer

Every company has a different way to explain their length. Some use numbers like 0 through 8 for example. Zero being the smallest of course. Others use colors which I personally have no clue why. Find a set that has a wide range of sizes so you have some flexibility on your beard fade. 

Before You Start

One trick I've learned over the years is to do a "Dry run" before you actually start cutting. Grab a guard at the length you think you want the longest to be, and without it being attached to the clippers, run the guard up your beard. You'll see what hairs are sticking above the guard and know how much length will be cut off. This way you can gauge how short it'll be BEFORE actually cutting your beard. 

Beard Fade

How To Fade Your Beard

I always recommend starting with the largest guard and working your way up your sideburn. This will ensure your beard fades nicely into the sideburn and you don't take it too short. Remember, you can always take it shorter, so size up for your first pass and go from there. 

I fade from the bottom of my ear, about level with my mouth, up to the top of my sideburn (top of my ear). For the sake of an example, I fade from 12 guard, to a 9 guard, to a 6 guard at the top of my sideburn. Find the length that works best for you and go from largest to smallest!


If you're on the fence about trimming your beard, or giving the beard fade a try, I encourage you to give it a shot. The best part about your beard is that it keeps growing. 

If you have any specific questions about beard products, beard trimming or anything BEARD (or non beard for that matter), reach out to us anytime

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