How To Fix A Patchy or Thin Beard

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 I think it's fair to say, as boys growing up we all anxiously awaited the day we could grow a beard as our "passage to manhood". We envisioned our beards being magnificent, majestic, thick and full. The last thing we thought we'd see growing from our face is a patchy beard!

Now, we all know having a beard does NOT make you a man, your character does. But nonetheless, many of us want to grow a beard the moment we can. Unfortunately, the truth is a lot us deal with having a patchy beard, and it keeps many men from growing their beard at all. Here at Live Bearded we hear it all the time... 

"I really wish I could grow a beard, but mine just comes in too thin".

This fear of a patchy beard keeps a lot of guys from growing, so we wanted to put together some actually helpful information as to how you can deal with a patchy beard.

 Here is what you'll learn in this post:


Two Best Ways to Fix a Patchy Beard

I'm going to come right out and say it...There are no magic cures to a patchy beard that will give you new hair follicles in areas that you don't currently have them. Sure, Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a topical treatment that guys have used to grow new follicles on their face. The results aren't permanent and it's not something I'd recommend to anyone!

A lot of guys ask about Beard growth products which Spence wrote an article about here: Are Beard Growth Products A Scam? To save you having to hear him blab, the only recommendation he makes is a beard supplement like beard boost as it's proven to actually work.  He explains why in detail in that article. It won't make you grow new follicles, but you'll grow faster, fuller and healthier.

There are however a couple of tricks you can do to cover up a patchy beard...

Grow it longer

The added length will give you coverage in areas that are a bit thin. So what looks like a really thin beard at the begging stages of growth, can actually turn into a solid beard. Spencer's brother Justin is a good example of this. His beard is pretty thin on the cheeks, so most of his growth comes from the heck hairs. But with added length you'd never really know! 

Play to your strengths

If you have a really patchy beard, you may want to trim it to a length that looks the best for you, and play to your strengths. That could be shorter or longer, depending on what you prefer.

At the end of the day, it really just comes down to owning what you've got and not comparing your beard to everyone else. Be comfortable in your skin and be thankful for what you've got. I may have a bit of a patchy bead, but that's what makes it unique. And I have a glorious stache! I mean, it doesn't get much better than that.

Unfortunately, not all of us are bearded equally...some were blessed with a full beard while others a patchy beard...

Yes, it's true, your genes play a LARGE part in whether or not you can grow a big, thick, full beard...

And yes, those very same genes may be working against you, but don't loose hope! There's a few things you can do to grow a better beard.

5 Simple Ways To Deal With A Patchy Beard

1. Patience! Give It Time To Grow

Personally, I didnt think I could grow a good beard! I thought it would be patchy and look bad, but when I let it grow out, as the hairs got longer, it started to look fuller and thicker.

Have some patience brother! Often times, after a few short months, this “patchy beard” transforms into a lush man mane. One of the primary causes of this is that your beard hairs grow at different rates of speed.

You must allow some time for growth to truly gauge how it starts to fill in and where you can trim it to balance it out accordingly. As your hairs begin to grow longer, they length begins to fill in the gaps making your beard appear fuller than you might have thought it would.

We recommend giving it at least 3 months of growth.

2. Embrace Your Beard (Never beat yourself up)

You must also always keep in mind that you are your own worst critic.

You spend time staring at the mirror and playing with the hairs wishing they would fill in. It is critical you remember that nobody else is examining your beard this closely.

You spend time staring at the mirror and playing with the hairs wishing they would fill in. It is critical you remember that nobody else is examining your beard this closely.

They are seeing the big picture of your beard and their impression of your beard will likely be much more complimentary than you would give yourself credit for. Be proud of the beard you have and wear it with confidence!

3. Healthy Body, Healthy Beard

Exercising regularly will increase your testosterone which is a key link to growing a better beard, and here have been reports linking fitness and beard growth.

Working out regularly will:

  • Increase testosterone which triggers beard growth.
  • Boost metabolism which can spur hair growth
  • Trigger bodily recovery, which can help replenish hair and skin
  • Working out or living an active lifestyle should be a focus of yours for your life, not for your beard. However, growing a better beard as a result is a great secondary result if you ask me!

4. Diet

Once your facial hair has grown out, it is impossible to have those hairs magically get thicker or fuller. You must commit to consuming the necessary vitamins and nutrients that will support thicker and healthier beard growth moving forward.

You must commit to consuming the necessary vitamins and nutrients that will support thicker and healthier beard growth moving forward.

It will not happen over-night, but if you feed your body the proper nutrients, you will see a dramatic difference in the size, thickness and overall health of your beard.

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5. Supplements

This is where you can find some of the easiest and fastest gains. Following a diet to include all the recommended foods listed in the Beard Boost Meal Plan can be a difficult commitment.

Although you should try, I know life can get in the way with long days of work, constantly on the go, not enough sleep and so on.

This is why supplementing can make the biggest difference for you. A proper beard growth supplement like Beard Boost packs all the known vitamins and nutrients to help you grow a fuller, thicker, healthier beard and grow it faster than you thought possible.

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Bottom Line: Think of Your Beards Potential

You don’t know what your beard potential is until you try.

Be patient, it doesn’t happen overnight. We highly recommend eating a balanced diet loaded with beard boosting nutrients to ensure you grow to your full potential, stay active and own the beard you have with pride and confidence.

If you have any questions, we are here to support you 100%. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at support or on Facebook. If you found this article helpful, hit the SHARE button! You may help a patchy beard get past the awkward phase and grow to its full potential!

I truly hope this helps you guys. Don't beat yourself up over having some thin spots or patches. Throw a little beard oil and beard butter in it, and rock it with confidence. A patchy beard is better than no beard! If you have any questions hit us up anytime.


Live Bearded Brother!