Beard Growth Products & Kits: Are They A SCAM?

Spencer Bryce |


Here is what we will cover:

 Now look, all of us Beardsmen (me included) wish we had better beard growth. Whether we wish it was thicker, longer or grew faster, it’s something for everyone. For me, I wish the area around my soul patch grew in thicker. I have some thinness there and it used to drive me mad! I eventually stopped worrying about it but I’ll save that for another time.

With the surge of popularity in beards over recent years, “Beard Growth Products” have quickly followed. First it was vitamins, then came oil, balm, spray and so on.

The real question though is, do any of these proclaimed beard growth products even work? To truly answer that, we’ll need to dive deep into what’s on the market and break them all down. Before we do, let’s do a quick run through on what vitamins have been proven to increase hair growth rate.


Biotin - often referred to as the hair vitamin, biotin affects amino acids involved in protein synthesis and promotes hair and nail growth.

Caffeine extract - when applied topically can penetrate into the hair roots and stimulate them to grow.

Vitamin A - restores hair health and helps with better blood circulation, which greatly promotes hair health and regeneration.

Vitamin B6 - assists in red blood cell production and promotes hair growth.

Vitamin C - works as an antioxidant to fight oxidative stress which contributes to graying and hair loss.

Vitamin D - is a hormone that plays an important role in calcium homeostasis, immune regulation and cell growth differentiation. Which simply means it helps improve your hair growth.

Vitamin E - can increase circulation to the scalp.

Zinc - benefits hair follicle health and acts as a potent inhibitor of hair follicle regression.

Protein and Iron - your hair is made up of proteins (keratin), so protein and iron strengthen the structure and growth of hair follicles.

Fish Oil - Omega 3 fats nourish the hair, support hair thickening and reduce inflammation that can lead to hair loss.

The best and most natural way for you to get these vitamins is through food directly. The above list of vitamins can be found in healthy, nutrient dense foods such as spinach, dark leafy greens, avocados, salmon, nuts, oysters, eggs and more. Although we should all eat a well balanced, healthy diet, the truth is it can be hard (really hard).

This is where beard growth products come in. By adding some of the above vitamins, your body can absorb what it needs for better growth without having to get them through foods. Let's break down the common beard growth products on the market today.


Beard Growth Oil

Most high quality beard oils consist of carrier oils such as Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil as the base oil, with essential oils added for fragrance. Beard oil is intended to moisturize the skin under your beard to eliminate the dry, itchy and irritated skin we can experience from having a beard. Beard oil keeps the skin moisturized which in turn promotes healthier beard growth. So what does a beard growth oil do?

After much digging, I was shocked by a couple things. First, by how many companies don’t even show their ingredients on their products! How can you make claims of something and not even list ingredients? Secondly, I was shocked at how many companies market their products as a growth oil, yet their ingredients are the same carrier oils found in a “normal beard oil”. Whenever you’re buying ANY beard grooming products, check the label for ingredients and make sure you know exactly what you’re putting on your face.

*Not Recommended!

I tore through the internet and did find a few beard oils that have Vitamin E as an ingredient (not pictured) which as I mentioned above can increase circulation to the scalp. This could be a benefit when applied directly to the skin. Bottom line, make sure to read the ingredients!

Beard Growth Spray

To be completely honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what beard growth spray was at first. I did some searching on Google and Amazon and found a few Beard Growth Vitamin Sprays listed for sale however again, no ingredients. To quote one product, “Purest Ingredients -We’ve searched for the purest ingredients and only included the best, no fluff”. I’m not exactly sure what that means…If you want my honest opinion, beard growth spray is essentially the same “normal beard oil” packaged with a spray cap and a heftier price tag.

*Not Recommended

Beard Growth Balm

Beard growth balm doesn't seem to be as popular as oil or vitamins, but there are a handful of products out there claiming to help with beard growth. Once again, many of these products don't state the ingredients. They just make claims like "Beard Growth Stimulation: Beard balm formulated with top essential oils for maximum beard growth and volume."

*Definitely Not Recommended!

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

We all have heard of Rogaine right? The stuff you put on your head when you’re starting to lose the hair up top. Well, many guys are using on their face in attempt to grow a better beard. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a drug that is used to help blood flow to the hair follicles on your head, while also increasing the hair follicular size. It is NOT recommended to be used on your head, nor has it been proven to be a permanent way to grow new hair follicles and give you the beard you wish you had. The minimal growth you may see from Minoxidil will fall out once you stop taking it. This is not something I personally recommend you trying.

Beard Transplant

It’s honestly a little crazy to me that this is even a thing, but then again there are crazier things happening in the world we live in today. If you haven’t heard, doctors are now doing beard transplant procedures (follicular unit extraction) where they remove hair from your head and essentially grafting those hairs onto your face. The procedure is said to be pretty painful physically, and extremely painful to your wallet with a $5k to $20k price tag! OUCH. Just so it’s said, I do not recommend you consider a beard transplant to improve on your beard growth.

Beard Growth Vitamins & Supplements

We know that better beard growth starts within, and supplying your body with the right vitamins is a great way to improve the way your beard grows. What a high quality beard growth vitamin does is pack all those known vitamins into a couple capsules to guarantee you get the recommended dosage of each vitamin daily, regardless of the foods you eat. That is why these have become so popular over the last couple years, because they actually work. Yes, we do offer a beard growth Vitamin called Beard Boost. If you are curious, I'd encourage you to read the reviews and see how it's helped other Beardsmen.

beard boost

Beard Growth Kit

When it comes to better beard growth, your overall beard health is going to play the biggest role improving on your beard potential outside of your genetics. We have done countless research and development with leading chemists to put together our specially formulated all-natural beard products.

Our beard wash, beard oil, beard butter, and beard growth vitamins make up our beard growth bundle, and we believe it's the best combination of products to improve on your beard growth. 

beard growth kit

Our Beard Products are proudly made in the USA, and we are so confident in their quality that we back them by our 365-day money-back guarantee. If you have any questions about these products specifically, or anything at all, reach out and we are here to help you!

How you can grow a better beard naturally

There are many ways to naturally improve your beard growth speed, fullness, and health. Exercising regularly to increase testosterone can boost your beard growth, as can sleeping more, stressing less and eating a well-balanced diet. If this is something you want to learn more about, you can read a full article here.

Key Takeaways

 It's important to note that your body can only absorb so much of each vitamin per day. So to take 10x the recommended dosage of biotin through food or a supplement, will NOT give you 10x the growth! That means, stacking every type of growth product together isn't going to give you any different results than taking 2 capsules of a high-quality beard growth vitamin (at a fraction of the cost).

Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

In short, the answer is simply, YES. As I mentioned above, the right ingredients in your beard oil, beard vitamins and so on will dramatically improve the way your hair follicles grow. 

But, you HAVE to read the ingredient list to make sure you're getting the above-referenced vitamins or your facial hair won't grow any differently. A product that simply says "beard growth" on the packaging, does not mean your hair follicles will have any impact if you use that product. Often times it's just nameless, faceless companies trying to take advantage of you and your wallet...

The right products, however, will absolutely make a difference in your beard growth and health. That's why we source 100% all-natural ingredients shown on our labels and make all our products right here in the USA. We have put together a beard growth kit that gives you everything you need for better beard growth.

beard growth kit

We back all of our beard products with a lifetime guarantee so if you use them and aren't impressed with your beard, contact us anytime and we'll swap it out or refund your purchase no questions asked.

I hope this helps clear the air on some of the products out there. If you only take one thing from this article I hope it's this, read the label and do your research before you buy products and put them on that glorious beard of yours. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Keep it growing and as always, Live Bearded!