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How to Shape a Beard Without Trimming

If you've ever wanted to know how to shape a beard but too afraid to go near the trimmers...This is just for you!

Let’s face it…we all get a little anxious at the thought of letting scissors get too close to our beards. Whether you’re trimming it yourself or putting your trust in a’s never a comfortable feeling...

Lose focus for half a second and you could take off weeks if not months of growth...

So I put together a few tips on how to shape a beard WITHOUT trimming...

Whether you’re going for your yeard or just trying to add some length, these tips will help you avoid looking homeless during your growth journey


It is important to know that every beard is different. Growth may be uneven, some hairs may grow in undesirable directions. So it is worth considering what beard style will be the best fit for you, your face, and your growth potential.

For those of you who want a natural look but don't want to keep it well put together, follow these steps and you'll maintain a healthy and maintained beard without getting close to a pair of scissors. Keep in mind that how you shape a long beard is the same overall process as a medium beard. First step...


I start everyday with shower and a good beard cleaning, and you should too. This will help with the application of styling products and remove the knots in your morning beard. Avoid scorching hot water and bar soaps. They will only add to the dryness of your beard and will cause your beard hairs to not want to lie down. Using a proper all natural beard wash will make a big difference in how unruly your beard is, so if you're going without trimming, it's a must.


Using a towel, gently pat it dry. Be careful not to be too harsh as your beard hairs are most sensitive when they are wet. They will easily be snagged and fall out if you are not careful. If you are in a hurry, some men prefer using a blow dryer to speed up the process, but again be careful of using high heat as it will damage your beard.


Yes, beard oil is essential for your beard, especially as you grow it longer. Apply it from under your beard to the skin first, and then work it through your beard. This will lock in moisture and promote healthy beard growth. It will also help give you light control for styling. 


As you get past a few months growth, you may need to pack a little more punch in your beard grooming arsenal. We recommend beard butter as it will lock in moisture while offering just the right hold. This will allow you to keep the flyaway hairs under control and give you a hold that lasts all day, without weighing your beard down or leave it clumpy or hard.

Beard Butter also acts as a deep conditioner which will help soften your beard and absorbs into your beard hair follicles giving your beard a fuller appearance instantly. 


As your mustache grows, so will your impatience with eating it. A good mustache wax will be your new best friend. Apply a light weight mustache wax to train the hairs outward and off your lip. This is critical to keep your overall appearance at it's best. If you're looking to grow a handlebar mustache, give this article a read!


The real trick to shaping your beard without trimming comes from the products mentioned above. After you apply your products it's time to...


Once you’ve applied your beard oil, you can use your comb to help evenly spread it through your beard. Start by combing your beard up and out, from the neck up to your cheek line. This will separate your beard hairs and add fullness to your beard.

From there you can comb it down and shape it to your desired liking. You can comb it tighter down on your cheeks to avoid rounded or chubby looking cheeks…and you can comb it out in areas to add fullness.

The real trick is in following this beard style routine every day. These beard products will serve to keep your beard healthy and growing to it's full potential. Your beard will be softer and it will lay down much better!

I truly hope this article helped show you how to shape a beard without trimming. If you have any questions about this, or anything beard related at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.