How To Straighten Your Beard In Under 60 Seconds

J.D. Wander |

If you're like me, you know the struggle is real when it comes to getting rid of those wild waves and unruly flyaways!!

Over the years I've spent my fair share of time trying to find the quickest and easiest way possible to get rid of my bed beard in a timely fashion. Follow these 4 quick and easy steps and you'll be out the door in under 60 seconds.


Dampen your beard. Make sure it's not too wet or too dry. This will soften it giving it pliability and prepare your beard for oil application.

Grab your beard oil. The amount of oil used will vary from beard to beard, I personally like to use about 5 to 6 dabs. Be sure to distribute evenly and work down to the skin (don't forget oil is for the skin, not the beard).



Grab your blow dryer and roller brush. These items are key to getting rid of those gnarly waves that sit under the jawline. This is the area that needs most attention because this is where the hair tends to flip under and out.

Take the roller brush and place it directly above the wave on the jawline and roll the hair out and away from your face applying heat with the blow dryer. This motion will take the hair from curling under to up and over giving your beard a fuller look.

*Be careful NOT to stay on one spot for too long because the heat from the blow dryer will damage the hair.

Repeat this from one side of the beard all the way to the other so all hair is brushed out evenly.



Grab your Boars Hair Brush. The hair that you just rolled out and away from your face will sit a little higher from the bottom of your beard. Take the blow dryer and brush out your under-beard to get those hairs to match the hair you just rolled out and away from your face.



Apply beard butter. This will give it a nice shine and hold to finish.


Final Thoughts

There you have it, how to straighten your beard in under 60 seconds!

I hope you found this helpful. We know straightening your beard can be daunting so if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to reach out as we are happy to help!

Thanks for your continued support and if you ever need anything at all, just hit is up.

And as always,

Live Bearded, Brother!


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