How to Tackle Bed Beard With Ease

Spencer Bryce |

If we're being honest, we can't just roll out of bed with our beards looking on point. I really wish that was the case but unfortunately, it isn't. When I wake up, my mustache is usually in my mouth, half of my beard is flattened out from sleeping on my cheek, and the rest of my beard is all over the place.

Maintaining a glorious beard takes a little work, and that's ok. With as little as 5 minutes you can transform your beard into something respectable.

3 Beard Grooming Steps

1. Wash or rinse your beard

When you first wake up, the beard hairs are all jacked up from your pillow, and they'll be laying in all sorts of directions. Unfortunately, a quick combing of your beard likely won't reset the hairs enough to have them relax and lay properly.

What you need to do is wash your beard in the shower (or sink if you're in a rush), or at the bare minimum run water through your beard.

What REALLY makes all the difference is to massage in a circular motion. What this will do is relax the hairs so they don't spray all over the place, and make it much easier to style and look great.

I strongly recommend using an all-natural beard wash to avoid excessive dryness and damage to your beard. Traditional soaps, body washes, and shampoos are too harsh to be used on your face and beard. 

2. Apply beard oil under your beard

After you towel dry your beard, it's time to moisturize. Grab your beard oil and dab some into your palms. It's important to note that beard oil is not just for your beard, but primarily for the skin under your beard, so you want to apply the beard oil under your beard and onto the skin. When you do so, as I mentioned when washing, massage your face in a circular motion as to relax the hairs as you apply your beard oil.

What beard oil will do is moisturize the skin to give your beard a healthy environment to grow in. Dry skin will lead to itch and irritation, as well as slower, unhealthy beard growth.

3. Style your beard with beard butter

At this point, you're a couple of minutes into your morning beard routine and you're already looking and smelling better. The last thing needed is a little beard butter to style your beard and hold it in place for the day. 

What's so great about beard butter is that it will deep condition your beard hairs to keep them growing strong and healthy, and it also offers just the right amount of hold to keep it styled and looking great all day long.

Simply scoop some out with your finger and place it into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and the beard butter will quickly melt. With the butter melted in your hands, work your hands through your beard to evenly distribute the butter through your beard.

At this point your beard is now looking fresh, smelling great and ready to tackle the day. All you have left is to comb it into place. When you comb, I always recommend to first comb up and out (to separate the hairs and add fullness), then comb it down and into place. Slide your beard comb into your front pocket and you're out the door!

Bonus: Mustache Wax

Now I know this may not apply to everyone but it's worth mentioning for those who are rocking the handlebar mustache. There is no mustache without mustache wax, so make sure you throw some in before you leave for the day and I recommend taking it with you so it's nearby if you need it.

A trick I've found when applying my mustache wax is to start at the middle and work your way to the outside. As you do, pull down on your mustache and roll your finger and thumb as if you're snapping. What this will do is train your hairs to flip up and make a great handlebar shape. 

Final Thoughts

Here at Live Bearded, we don't think beard grooming should be hard, nor should it take a lot of time. But a few minutes will go a LONG way and is worth taking every morning to look and feel your best. 

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you have any questions about beard products, beard style advice or anything else at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. 

Our mission here at Live Bearded is to help Beardsmen look, feel and be their best, so let us know how we can support you!