Introducing, All-Natural Deodorant

Spencer Bryce |

After two years of development, we are veryyy excited to announce our All-Natural Deodorant is finally here and goes on sale this Friday, July 30th! 

In January 2019 we began working with our manufacturer to create the highest-quality all-natural deodorant possible and to be honest, it was a giant pain-in-the-ass!

Deodorant is a product that must work really well because when it doesn't, everyone around you can tell! #nastypits 

With dozens of revisions, reformulations, and samples under our belt, we can confidently say this product is battle-tested and man-approved.

With every new formulation, we gave samples to everyone on our team and spent weeks putting it to the test.

From the body shop to the mountain top, and everywhere in between we've stress-tested this deodorant in every environment and we can confidently guarantee this is one all-natural deodorant that actually works! 

And with six excellent fragrances to choose from, you can finally say goodbye to nasty pits once and for all.

It's time to throw away your off the shelf brand of chemical-filled deodorant and upgrade your pits today to the best smellinghardest working all-natural deodorant we've ever used! 

Our deodorant goes on sale this Friday, July 30th at 9 AM PST. Let us know if you have any questions, you can call, email or text us anytime!