Introducing Body Wash

Spencer Bryce |

Available Thursday June 15th

Here at Live Bearded, we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality grooming products that are made in the USA, natural, and designed specifically for men.

One of our most popular products has been our natural charcoal bar soap for being a gentle cleanser with a rich lather, and it's received rave reviews about how it leaves your skin feeling, clean, soft, and exfoliated. 

What we also heard was that some of you guys simply aren't bar soap guys. 

So we've been working tirelessly to formulate the best damn body wash we've ever used.

Yes, that's a big statement.

And Yes, we can back it up. 

You guys wanted the same gentle cleansing benefits that are needed to clean off your hard days' work, with a rich lather and natural exfoliants to help get the job done. And you wanted it in a liquid form, so we did just that.

We started by using the same natural base of Charcoal as the primary cleansing agent. Charcoal is the perfect ingredient because it helps to deeply cleanse without causing excess drying of the skin.

It works by drawing impurities and toxins out of the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. Unlike the traditional chemical goos that leave you dry, itchy, and ashy. We also added key ingredients such as caffeine, used to help to invigorate the skin and protect it from environmental stressors and premature aging... 

Because let's face it, as men, we want to avoid premature anything 

We added Aloe for its incredible soothing and hydrating properties to help keep you feeling as soft and smooth as a 90's boy band.

Not only that, but they're natural and free from harmful chemicals, making them a safe and sustainable choice for men who care about their skin and what they put on their bodies. 

You'll never find us using sulfates, parabens, harsh chemicals, or any of the other harmful crap the stuff on the shelf comes with.

We proudly keep our products natural.  And in nature, the color red is a warning that something is dangerous, and we think you should listen.

So it's time to toss out that old red bottle of chemical goo, and upgrade to a natural body wash designed specifically for you.

This body wash has truly been battle tested and is ready for whatever you throw at it. 

So mark your calendars, because your new favorite body wash officially goes on sale Thursday June 15th, 2023!

If you have any questions about our all-new body wash, or anything at all, reach out and we're here to help.

And as always, Live Bearded, Brother!