Introducing: Canyon

Anthony Mink |

After a year of development, we are very excited to announce, our newest fragrance is officially here!

If you love the outdoors, the smell of fresh-cut firewood, and hiking deep in the forest, you're going to love this one. 

After making the decision to retire Mossy Oak last year, we wanted to create something completely new.

Both of our previous outdoor fragrances used cedar, pine, and eucalyptus to create the fragrance profile...

And the feedback was overwhelmingly positive (4.8-star rating), however, this time around we wanted to create something completely new. 

Something we've never seen (or smelled) before... until now! 

Introducing, Canyon.

We designed Canyon to be a distinctively masculine fragrance with bold, woodsy notes that speak to the mountain man inside all of us. 

Canyon has is made with sweet Juniper, crisp Cypress, and fresh Fir Needle that smells outstanding!

Canyon goes on sale this Friday, February 5th at 9 AM PST and it will be available in beard oil, butter, wash, conditioner, and mustache wax! 

You can purchase a la carte, on subscription, or bundle and save with our beard kit discounts.

Mark your calendar and get ready, the email drops bright and early Friday morning. In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions.