Blessed by the Beard Gods: 3 Tips to Keep That Beast at Bay

Spencer Bryce |

If you're one of those guys who can grow a thick beard overnight...

You know, the 5 o'clock shadow by noon, who's face hasn't seen the sun in years because it's so dense and full...

Hats off to you brother. It's your duty to have a beard.

If you don't want a bigger beard..Beard Grooming is a must.

Here Are 3 Tips To Keep That Beast At Bay

1. Wash The Beast

Soap the beard!

Get Soapy!

This isn’t rocket science...

Tame and clean that beast with a good, high quailty beard wash!

If you don't have a quality beard wash, your shampoo will work just don't over do it and be sure to use some extra oil!

Avoid using anything too harsh like bar soap or body wash which will leave your face, and beard extremely dry leading to dry and damaged hair follicles.

How often? It depends on how dirty you get...

If you work indoors you may not need to scrub it clean every day. In fact, a couple times a week can be sufficient.

If you work outside and it’s keeping your face protected from the may need to consider more regularly washes. So use your judgment here.

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2. Oil The Beast

Oil the Beard!

I'll take some oil with a side of butter please!

Beard oil is the foundation of a healthy beard and you should be applying it every day!

As your beard grows longer, your body's production of natural oil (sebum) is not enough to moisturize the longer hairs and skin. This leads to dandruff or (beardruff), itchy and irritated skin and split ends.

That's why we highly recommend you oil your beast on a daily basis! It's crucial to keep your skin and beard moisturized and health! Plus it prompts healthy growth!

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We also recommend using a beard butter!

Beard Butter is the perfect combination of oil and balm and is the best way to condition and moisturize your beard! Plus, it will give you a medium hold that allows you to style / shape your beard to perfect!

Follow this simple, 2 minute morning routine and your beast will spark envy everywhere you go...

First I wash it. Then towel dry and apply your oil. After you oil, apply my beard butter! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... It's washed, hydrated and ready to be styled!

Only one step left...

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3. Comb The Beast

Comb the Beard!

Wood Comb + Boars Hair Brush = AMAZING Beard!

After you apply the oil and butter, it's time to bust out your wooden beard comb and style your beard to perfection!

A good beard comb is critical. I highly recommend a wood comb with wide teeth to avoid static and snagging.

First start by going under your beard and combing everything out, away from your face.

It's the opposite of what you were probably imagining but this allows the hairs to really separate and it adds fullness to your beard. Who doesn’t like a little fuller beard?

Once it’s fully combed out and up (when it’s sticking out like crazy) then comb it straight down into place and style it how you like.

This will give you a fuller look, lead to less tangles, and help you style it just the way you like!


The combination of Beard wash, oil, and butter is absolutely going to give you the EPIC beard you are looking for!

Then style it up with a great, high quality wood comb and you'll have everything you need!

By following the above steps, in just a few minutes a day you will significantly improve the health, look, and feel of your beard.

Let us know if you have any quesitons! Our team is always here to answer any specific questions you have.

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Live Bearded Brother!