JP's dramatic Beard Trim

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JP Harris |

Hey Brothers! 

JP here! I hope your day is going awesome!!  In this episode of JP's Corner, I get a CRAZY Beard trim! 

Why the Trim???

After getting a lot of questions on how to trim and maintain a shorter beard,I went under the knife for you!!  I said goodbye to my long and luscious beard, for the sake of you, my brothers, and go shorter and shorter. 

In this video, my Beard Barber, No, my  beard ARTIST, craft my beard into a professional looking short beard.  

Beard Artist extraordinaire; Our very own Spencer, utilizes his tools and sculpts the perfect shorter beard out of the existing mane that adorned my face!

About the Trim...

Spencer used a set of professional trimmers, and took some weight off the bottom, cut in my top and back lines, and formed a sleek professional looking beard, that would be the talking point of any office!  

A Terrifying Experience...

How did I feel? It was my first trim in over a year, and I was terrified!  As most of us would be, at the thought of my mane getting shorter and less lion like, was freaking me out!  BUT, the overall look and appearance was such a great change that well, you just have to see it for your self!!! 

When you are in need of a "professional looking beard", it can be done.  Even more so, add shape to your face and give you that lion like feel, even if it is for an office setting , instead of a jungle! 

The Outcome...

Tell me how you think that Spencer did...  Go head, I can take it!!! Let me know how you maintain your short beard! Would you go short for a job or career opportunity? How short would you go?

Stay tuned for the next JPz Episode, as I will go over the ins and outs to maintaining my now, shorter beard! and hit on all the points!

Remember Brothers!! 

Be Grateful

Do Better 

and Live Bearded!