Last #HikeBearded meet up of 2019

Ryan Kearney |

Over the past 2 months I started to create a hiking community.  My intention is to connect with nature, family, friends, and strangers (aka new friends) to build a community of people who can hike together on a weekly/monthly basis.

Currently our Live Bearded #HikeBearded events are taking place in and around Phoenix, AZ.  If you would like to be a part of the #HikeBearded movement, then post a photo or video from your hike. Hashtag #HikeBearded and #LiveBearded to help us all stay connected, have some laughs, encourage one another and crack some jokes.

The #HikeBearded events are open to all.  Last week my fiancé Jana joined us as the first non bearded hiker.  Feel free to bring friends and family.  Gratitude, the desire to Do Better and Relentless work ethic are the ideas we encourage everyone to embrace.

How To Join Us:

  1. Trust that you are welcome and getting outside in the morning will be a positive force in your week.
  2. Keep an eye on our social media. Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Almost every week on Monday or Tuesday we will announce a time and location to meet up and hike on Wednesday morning usually around 6:30 am and plan to hike for 60-75 mins.
  4. You do not need to RSVP to join us but if you want to be made aware of any changes it is best you confirm for the event so you receive notifications of any changes.

What To Bring

  1. Water
  2. Wear a Live Bearded tshirt if you do not RSVP so we can ID each other in the morning with out guessing.
  3. Towel (incase you want to sit down on the trail or clean up after)
  4. Maybe a snack

- The Real Stache Master (aka Ryzan)