Low Fade & Beard Shape-up Walkthrough

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Jonathan Jones |

Sometimes we get so busy with our daily lives that it can be hard to find time to get down to the barbershop.

Knowing how to give yourself a basic haircut and beard trim is a great way to keep things at bay until you can make it to your local barber.

Not only is this a great way to save money, but as time goes on you will begin to master your "self-barbering" skills...

Like they say: Practice makes perfect!

Once you master a specific haircut, try your hand at other cuts and styles!

The Low Fade

There are many different types of fade-style haircuts. In this video, I walk viewers through how I give myself a "low fade." It is important to know what size clipper guards you want to use before trimming. For this cut, I used the following clipper guard sizes:

  1. "0" guard
  2. "0.5" guard
  3. "1" guard
  4. "1.5" guard

After fading my hair, I then go on to do the lineup.

Remember... take your time!

The Beard Shape up

I'm in the process of growing my beard out longer, so I didn't want to trim too much. 

To start, I wash my beard, then apply beard oil and beard butter.

After that, I comb my beard out and let everything set for a couple minutes. In the video, you'll see me trim my cheek lines, back lines and neck line.

After that, I simply trim away any extra long hairs and flyaways. 

Final Thoughts

Brothers, feel free to shoot us an email if you want customized or specific advice on your beard or hair trim.

And remember these three takeaways: 

  • Plan what size guards you are using before you start trimming.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Take your time!

And as always...

Live Bearded, Brother!