Man on the Streets: SKAL Reactions

Spencer Bryce |

With the launch of our newest limited-edition seasonal fragrance, SKAL, we wanted to hit the streets and get some feedback from complete strangers.

Nathan and Angel ventured into the 100+ degree heat to see what the people think about the fragrance in hopes that it helps give a little more perspective on this killer cologne-type fragrance.

SKAL is inspired by a Viking brewed mead, and the primary notes are Leather, Sandalwood, and Honey

This fragrance is much more complex than that, though, and boasts hints of Hops, Thyme, Fir Needle, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber, Vetiver, and Cedar.

It has a light, fresh forward, with warm woody and amber notes to balance out the leather in this one of a kind fragrance.

As you can tell from the responses, this fragrance is a winner, and we can say with confidence you're going to love it!

Unleash your inner warrior and become a VIP to get access early before this one sells out. 

Hit us up if you have any questions about SKAL or need anything at all. 

SKAL, Brothers!