Master Your Shower Routine In Just 5 Minutes

Spencer Bryce |

Here at Live Bearded, we help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best.

And having a proper grooming routine is essential for every man to master to build confidence and show the world that you give a damn about yourself.

In this video, we are going to dive into how to navigate your shower game to ensure your body, beard, and hair are getting the proper care they deserve.

Body, Beard, or Hair - The Sequence Matters

Have you ever questioned the order in which you shower or have you just done what you’ve done without any intent?

Probably the latter.

Here’s what I recommend:

Start with shampooing your head hair first, then rinse.

Follow by washing your beard, and then rinse that out as well.

The reason I recommend starting here is you don’t need to let the shampoo and bead wash work in for more than 1-2 minutes.

Next, you want to condition both your beard and hair. I like doing this as my step 2 as I will allow for the conditioner to set in for nearly the rest of your shower. Sometimes that could be five minutes or longer.

As my beard and hair are soaking up all the goodness from the conditioners, I’ll wash my body and then rinse out together.

It may seem silly, but that extra time conditioning will make a huge difference.

Body Wash vs Bar Soap:

The classic bar soap or the modern body wash - both get the job done in similar ways so this one really comes down to personal preference.

The biggest thing to look out for with these products, and really all products, are the ingredients.

Both of these products have been traditionally made by big box brands who use synthetic fragrances, fillers, and all sorts of other junk.

We believe product quality should never be sacrificed which is why we developed both our bar soap and body wash with only natural good for you ingredients.

Both of these have exfoliants to scrub away your hard days work and will leave your skin feeling nourished and not dry.

Lastly, I highly recommend you finish with a cold rinse, as it will help protect and strengthen your hair, as well as lock in moisture.

Bonus Tips:

After you hop out of the shower apply a good lotion, it goes a long way towards protecting your skin, especially in dry environments.

I also love to give a little extra scent to my routine, so I will typically finish with a couple of sprays of Utility Spray in place of a cologne.

We don't want to over complicate things, life is busy and we know you have important things to do, but with a couple of intentional minutes of taking care of yourself can help you tackle the day with confidence.

If you have any questions, or we can support you in any way, feel free to reach out to any time!