Limited Edition MAUI: The Story

Spencer Bryce |

When we were trying to figure out what scent to go with for our first ever limited edition summer fragrance, we wanted to absolutely blow you guys away! 

We wanted to come up with a smell so good that you grin ear to ear every time you take the cap off and catch a whiff. Something so incredible that you can't enter a room without getting a compliment on how good you smell. 

So we put our heads together and tried to think of what smells could live up to these incredibly high standards. The result???


We bottled up paradise and created the perfect blend of summer with a light coconut, sweet mango and the perfect touch of pineapple.

This fragrance will have you daydreaming of the beach and leave you smelling like you just left one!

If you've had the privilege of visiting Maui you don't need me to attempt to explain just how great it is. I'm nowhere close to being a professional writer, and even if I were, I'm not sure words alone could truly explain just how incredible this place is.

Maui is my absolute favorite place in the world for many reasons, but one of the biggest is its connection to our journey here at Live Bearded. In a lot of ways that's where it all began.....

Not long after the original idea of Live Bearded was born, Anthony and I decided to rent a house together in Arizona and spend every waking hour building what we knew Live Bearded could become. Our brother Ryan joined us shortly after that and the three of us were on a mission to get Live Bearded off the ground.

We worked around the clock and spent what little downtime we had daydreaming of our ultimate goal, moving to Maui! We all loved the beach and had a BIG desire to live the island life and move to Maui.

At the time, we honestly didn't think we could afford it or make it happen, but as we saw our hard work begin to pay off, we decided to risk it all and make the move! We found a house big enough for the 3 of us, pooled every dollar we could find and bought our plane tickets. Maui, here we come!

Although we were behind our computers from sun up to sun down, it's hard to be on Maui and not feel insanely grateful on a daily basis. Whether its hearing the birds singing all beautiful bird songs at 5 am as the sun rises or catching the sunset over the ocean, you're surrounded by beauty at all times. 

Maui is home to some of the most insane terrain in the world. Jagged black lava rock compliments the lush green vegetation that stretches the shoreline or miles, creating the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. And not just white sand. Maui has red sand and black sand beaches that will blow your mind.

Dense jungle rainforest? Yes. 10,000 ft volcano? Check. Endless waterfalls? Absolutely. World class surfing? You know it. Marine life that reminds you just how small you are? Got that too. 

Maui truly has it all. As we continued to work tirelessly to build the foundation of what Live Bearded is today, we took every moment we could to stop and enjoy the time we shared on this paradise. Here are some of my favorite memories of Maui!

Adding Wiz to the Team!

Here at Live Bearded, we love to hire from within the brotherhood. Guys that already understand what we stand for, and the values we live by as men, and as a company. Wiz (Adam Harris), our second new team member was exactly that, a brother first.

When we hired Adam, we hadn't had the privilege of meeting him as he lives in Central Illinois, so after we told him he was the newest LB team member (and after he stopped crying), we flew him out to Maui to spend a week with us and get trained up! 

We shared laughs and stories and had an absolute blast getting to spend some time with Adam and getting to know him on a much deeper level. 

My favorite memory from that week though has to be seeing the look on Adam's face when he stepped into the ocean for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!

You know that look little kids make when trying something new? Slightly terrified, a little confused but also so excited they have trouble controlling it? Well, that was Adam! Definitely a memory I'll hold on to for a very, very long time.

Here's another little clip from the week with Wiz where we disconnected from the computer for a bit and went for a little adventure!

Live Bearded Turns 1

For those of you who have been around for any length of time, you know that one of our favorite parts of the week is connecting with you guys on Thursday evenings for Live@Five! Well, Maui is where that all started!

Back then we'd go live and grill up some steaks in the backyard, and almost ALWAYS have some technical difficulties! You guys stuck with us though as we answered questions, made fools of ourselves, and really just got to spend some time getting to know everyone. To this day, these lives are still truly one of the best parts of our weeks!

While we were living on Maui, Live Bearded turned 1! Here is one of the live@five episodes where we announced our birthday as a brotherhood!!!

We got together as a team and tried to come up with the best way to celebrate our birthday together as a brotherhood. We couldn't think of a better way than to create some memories with some brothers... so what did we do?

We put together a giveaway for a FREE TRIP TO MAUI for 3 of our brothers to come out and hang with us on our first Brotherhood Retreat!!! 

Here is a video of the Live where we announced the winners! I'll never forget brother Tyron's reaction when he won...He was so excited he jumped up out of his chair when he heard his name only to forget he wasn't wearing any pants! Hahaha, we laughed until we cried!!

We ended up having the 3 winners, Josh, Tyron, and Red fly out to spend some time with the LB team on Maui! We also had Brothers Tim and Joe fly out on their own just to hang with everyone, and man did we have a blast!

Naturally, we had to go live and enjoy some delicious food together!

We adventured all around the island, hiked waterfalls, swung off of rope swings, and just hung out as brothers. The ball busting was in full effect as if we knew each other for years. 

In fact, while we were sitting at the beach an older man approached us and asked how many years we've been friends. He just assumed that based on the level of conversation (apparently he was listening in), he assumed we had known each other for years. All of us brothers were that close even after just a few days.

I truly believe that's because as men we have a desire to live our lives by the same values, the values of brotherhood. This isn't just about creating amazing beard products and making our beards glorious. This is about creating a brotherhood and supporting each other to become the best men we can be.

After 6 incredible months living and working in Maui, we made the very, very difficult decision to move back to the mainland so we could work towards opening an office and a warehouse.

As much as we LOVED every moment in Maui, we felt being located on the mainland was critical to our long term growth and success as a company so we made the move back to Arizona. 

As you can see, Maui is very special to us here at Live Bearded. The beauty, the smells, the people, the good vibes and most importantly the memories. That's why we created Maui as our first ever limited edition fragrance.

We bottled up paradise so you can smell, look, feel and truly be your best! We are only releasing 2,000 bundles of Maui. If you're interested in learning more, click here now because when they're gone, they're gone!