Mid Day Beard Refresher

Spencer Bryce |

Let's face it, summer is here and it is HOT. As I covered in the article last week, you really should keep your beard and keep it growing as it can actually keep you cooler during these hotter months (and grow faster!).

But let's be honest, with summer comes sweat, and if you're like me, a whole lot of it! You go through your beard routine when you wake up, but throughout the day it's going to get a little disheveled, which is exactly why our brother Jon shot this video.

He explains how he battles the Arizona desert to ensure his beard is healthy, looking good and giving him that little extra confidence by keeping his beard on point.

It's a pretty simple four step process...

Rinse Your Beard

Before you walk out the door to start your day, you should be washing your beard as you go through your normal routine. So you don't really need to do that a second time in the same day. However, it's a great feeling to run some cold water on your face and beard to cleanse it a bit.

The water will give you beard a "reset" of sorts and help keep your beard styled and under control. What I've found to be helpful is to rub my hands in circular motions on my face to really move the hairs around. 

Apply Beard Oil

Now since you started your day with beard oil, you really don't need a ton for a mid day refresher. Grab you bottle and hit a few drops into your palm to reapply to your face. This will freshen up your fragrance which can go faint from increased sweat.

If you're not familiar with beard oil and what it does, you can learn more here. Essentially it is the foundation of a killer beard and will keep your skin moisturized and healthy to promote better beard growth, while eliminating beard itch and dandruff.

beard oil

Beard Butter

After your oil, grab your beard butter and take a small amount out. Again, because you applied your products earlier, you don't need a ton but a second pass will really freshen up your look and feel to get you through the day. 

The beard butter will again condition your beard and give you just the right amount of hold to ensure you tame those flyaway hairs and keep your beard styled and looking great (and smelling amazing!). 

beard butter

Comb Your Beard

Now this is something most of you probably do many times throughout the day already so it may not come as a surprise, but it really is important to comb your beard to keep it looking great. Keep your beard comb in your pocket just in case you get hit with some strong wind or you decide to get a workout in during your lunch break.

Beard Comb

Final Thoughts

If you haven't thought about a mid day beard routine refresh, now you have! I'd encourage you to give it a shot and see how you like it. If you have any questions about this or anything at all, don't hesitate to reach out anytime.

Here at Live Bearded our mission is to help beardsmen look, feel and be their best. Let us know how we can support you. 

Live Bearded!